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Some of the best things in life come in pairs, as your second 2020 Xmas present I wanted to share another raw vegan sushi recipe,

this time enjoy a Raw Vegan Inside Out Sushi Roll Recipe aka Raw Vegan Uramaki!

I just LOVE sushi, long before I embarked on a raw vegan lifestyle sushi was a fave! Due to potential issues with nori and many seaweeds in general I didn’t have sushi for a long period of time, this is when I came out with the “Better than Nori” recipe video (Link and more info below) and it was back on my menu. Since then I have found quality sources of sea veggies, most notably for some dulse flakes and kelp powder, and now (get 5% off with my code “CHRIK5” for amazing certified organic raw and vegan nori that is really increasing my sushi parties!

The one thing I always had a hard time with when making raw sushi is that the rice tends to be crumbly and not stick together especially when trying to make a raw vegan Inside Out Sushi Roll Recipe. I tried at least a dozen ways to try to get it to stick but most left the “rice” either soggy or with a strange texture or flavour, that is until I figured out the secret that I share in the video! As a added bonus the “secret” also brings up the omega 3 content of the recipe and creates a nearly perfect omega 3 to 6 profile for the dish which is a huge plus!

Now my Love of Sushi n Rolling Game has never been as strong!

Now let’s get to the recipe! 

Raw Vegan Uramaki Rolls

Raw Vegan Inside Out Sushi Roll Recipe Uramaki – makes 4 rolls

1.1 lb / 500 g Cauliflower ~ 1 Small

.22 lb / 100 g Fresh Ginger – Large Chunk

3 – 4 tsp Lemon Juice ~ 1/2 a Lemon

1/8 cup Chia Seeds

.33 lb / 150 g Cucumber ~ 2 Small Girkins

.17 lb / 75 g Red Pepper ~ 1/2 a Pepper

.05 lb / 25 g Green Onion ~ 4 Small

.4 lb / 180 g Avocado ~ 1 Medium

8 g Raw Vegan Nori Sheets ~ 4 sheets

Optional for Garnish

1/8 cup Black Sesame seeds

Note: The best results come with the exact measurements in order to make the right sized rolls, especially if multiplying the recipe 🙂

  • Start by removing the leaves from the cauliflower, rinsing it off well and shaking the water from it. You do not need fully to dry the cauliflower but you also do not want it dripping wet, once washed set aside.
  • Peel the ginger with the back of a spoon or knife, chop into coin sized pieces and place into a food processor with the “S” blade. Pulse until finely chopped using a spatula half way through to make sure its uniform. PS – I Love ginger and this is just enough to taste it in the recipe, if you do not like ginger you can cut in 1/2 or omit.
  • Leaving the ginger in the food processor rough chop and add 1/2 of the cauliflower to the ginger and pulse until a rough “rice” like consistency is created. Using the spatula remove the “rice” and place in a separate bowl or square pyrex dish, continue with the other 1/2 of the cauliflower and place in the dish.
  • Pour the 3 to 4 tsp’s of lemon juice over the “rice” and stir to evenly coat.
  • Grind the Chia Seeds in a seed grinder / coffee grinder / vitamix / magic bullet etc and then pour the “chia powder” over the “rice”.
  • Stir well to evenly coat, pat down in the bowl / square pyrex dish so that its evenly spread, use a knife to cut 4 even squares so you can see how much “rice” goes into each roll, set aside. *the video may help visualize this.
  • Chop the ends off the cucumbers and slice each cucumber into 4 lengthwise strips or sticks, set aside.
  • Slice the red pepper into 8 – 16  strips, 2 – 4 per roll.
  • Cut the avocado in 1/2, remove the pit and then cut each 1/2 into a 1/4 lengthwise and each 1/4 into 3 slices, loosely scoop with a spoon and set aside.
  • Place a sheet of raw vegan nori shiny side down on a small to medium cutting board that you can pick up easily, scoop out 1 square or 1/4th of the “rice” mixture and spread on the top 3/4 of the sushi paper leaving 1 – 1.5 inches at the bottom.
  • Use your hands or a pie scoop to fimly press and shape the “rice” to the nori sheet adding a optional sprinkle of black sesame seeds on top, the video will help show this.
  • Wrap your sushi mat in plastic wrap or put it in a large ziplock bag, place the mat over top of the nori with rice on it to make a “sandwich” with the nori and “rice” in the middle.
  • Carefully lift up the cutting board placing one hand underneath and one firmly on top of the sushi mat then flip it all over at the same time and place back on the counter, once you remove the cutting board your nori is upside down on the sushi mat, watch the video twice to make sure you get this right.
  • Place 3 strips of avocado, 2 strips of cucumber, 2-4 red pepper strips and 1 green onion on top of the nori about 1 – 1.5 inches from the bottom.
  • Carefully use the sushi mat and your fingers to hold the veggies and roll the nori as well as the sushi mat up just to cover the veggies, squeeze the roll, continue to roll and squeeze until you have completely rolled the whole raw vegan inside out sushi roll. Again the video will be very helpful to visualize this properly.
  • Grab a standard letter sized piece of plastic wrap (ideally biodegradable) and carefully roll the inside out sushi roll onto the plastic wrap and then roll the roll so that it becomes wrapped by the plastic wrap, just before the end fold the bottom edge of the wrap over so it’s easy to find.
  • Pick up the roll and spin it to tighten both sides of the sushi roll, watch the video for clarity.
  • Place on a clean cutting board and carefully cut the roll in 1/2, line both up and cut in 1/2 again and then in 1/2 again with a very sharp knife, I find serrated knife works best.

Serve as is or with your favourite dipping sauce!

*If you do not have a food processor you can make the “rice” using @rawfoodromance’s “Wet Chop” technique

Also check out some of Lissa from Raw Food Romance’s amazing Recipe Books Here!

I hope you absolutely LOVE this Raw Vegan Inside Out Sushi Roll Recipe and that it makes sushi a new favourite to help you thrive with a raw vegan lifestyle!

As always Much 

As Always

Wishing You Much

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