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I know it’s a bold claim but this may just be The Best Pad Thai Recipe out there for all fellow raw food lovers!

I really hope you enjoy this simple Raw Vegan Pad Thai Recipe, it is as served at the 2019 Woodstock Fruit Festival!

This raw vegan pad thai was a favorite of many at the 2019 festival and one I have wanted to share for quite a while, but, because one of the ingredients is expensive and hard to find for many people I wanted to adapt it so more people can enjoy it! After some experimentation and time, I found a great way to make the recipe without the expensive ingredient and I must say it is an even healthier version IMHO. That said I will share both versions in the recipe below as well as in the recipe video above!

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Now let’s get into the 2 ways to make the Best Raw Vegan Pad Thai Recipe!

As an aside, I noticed that I accidentally left the red cabbage out of the recipe in the video! Adding it into the recipe, especially if you freeze for 8 hours first and then thaw before adding it to the other noodles, is a Game Changer and adds a Ton of flavor, texture, and color!

I Highly Recommend it, Now to the Recipe!

the best raw vegan pad thai recipe

The Best Raw Vegan Pad Thai

Zucchini (.7 lb / 320 g)
Napa cabbage (.3 lb / 130 g)
Bok choy (.12 lb / 60 g)
Red pepper (.06 lb / 30 g)
Red cabbage (.06 lb / 30 g)
Carrots (.06 lb / 30 g)

Water or Young Coconut (water) (1 cup)
Hemp Seeds (1/4 cup), or Young Coconut (jelly) (.5 cup)

Medjool dates, 4 (.24 lb / 110 g)
*Tamarind 1/4 cup (.04 lb / 20 g)
Thumb Fresh Ginger (.04 lb / 20 g)
2 Green onion (.04 lb / 20 g)
Sundried tomato 1/4 cup (.04 lb / 20 g)
Cilantro fresh (.04 lb / 20 g)


1 Clove Garlic, 1 hot pepper

1. Using a julienne peeler, spiralizer, grater, or mandoline. make noodles from the zucchini and carrots and place them in a bowl. My Favourite tool for the flat thin pad-thai-like noodles in this recipe is the Titan Julienne Peeler.

2. Using a sharp knife, thinly slice the napa cabbage, bok choy, and red cabbage into thin noodle-like strands, and add to the bowl

Optional: Pre-cut and noodle the red cabbage and carrots, freeze for 6+ hours beforehand, and then thaw and mix with the other noodles for a softer, more cooked texture. This will take the dish to the next level texture-wise and mixes nicely with the other raw textures.

3. Thinly slice the red pepper into 1-inch matchsticks and add to the bowl, mix all ingredients well and set aside. 

4. At Woodstock, we used young Thai coconuts, blending 1 cup coconut water with 1/2 cup soft jelly until smooth. Another option is to blend 1 cup of water or coconut water with 1/4 cup hulled hemp seeds. Either way, this becomes the base of the pad Thai sauce. 

5. Pit and add the dates, tamarind (making sure there are no seeds), ginger, the white bulbs of the green onions, and the sun-dried tomatoes to the blender. * if you can not find sour tamarind (it usually comes in a block) then you can substitute for 13 grams of apricot and 1 tsp lime juice. 

6. Blend until smooth and thick only adding more water/coconut water if absolutely necessary.

7. Add the green onion tops and the cilantro last, pulse blend to evenly mix without fully pureeing.

8. Pour the thick sauce over the shredded veggie noodles, mix well and enjoy! 🙂

I hope you LOVE this recipe, and agree that it’s The Best Pad Thai Recipe!

If so do share this page with a loved one!

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As promised, I am inserting some affiliate links for my favorite tools that I used for making this dish and raw vegan noodles!

My favorite tool for flat noodles, the “Titan Julienne Peeler” 

TItan Julienne Peeler

My Favourite Electric spiralizer 

electric spiralizer

I no longer recommend the Flexzion Blender. I had two, and they both broke within a year. Instead, I recommend using a Vitamix and converting it into a vacuum blender, as shown in this video.

DIY Vitamix Vacuum Blender Hack Cheapest and Easiest

A new updated video is coming soon.

I hope you enjoyed the Raw Vegan Pad Thai recipe. Do try it, and if you think it’s the best, let me know!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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