Tony Wright Interview Author of Left in the Dark

Enjoy this Tony Wright interview, the co-author of an amazing book called Left in the Dark.

I feel very blessed to have gotten to connect with him and even more so to be able to share his message with you; learn more on his Site childrenoftheforest.info 

Enjoy the Tony Wright Interview!!

Tony’s area of study and interest is Human Brain development. His research has opened a whole new understanding of how Fruit has played a huge role in our development as a species and how our poor diets today are creating mass insanity on many levels.

I would highly recommend checking out his amazing book “Left in the Dark” 

An Excerpt From childrenoftheforest.info ;

“This book is guaranteed to shatter your illusions.

 After sixteen years of groundbreaking experimentation and research, the manuscript has finally been published

 Left in the Dark expounds the most radical reinterpretation of existing evidence from the disciplines of evolution, ecology, neurology, psychology, anthropology, and other academic fields whilst also placing the ancient ‘Ages of Mankind’ mythology and related traditions within a scientific context. These universal traditions were once the only version of history we had, they describe the onset and progression of a neurodegenerative condition that really has left us in the dark. Often considered no more than the imaginings of a primitive mind and easy to dismiss as mere myths, they are in fact a more accurate natural history of humankind than modern science has thus far recognized. The book outlines the origin and nature of a condition that eventually left us virtually blind to its existence. Evidence is cited that supports such a scenario. A means of definitively testing its validity is proposed, and most importantly, what can be done to treat the condition and prevent its occurrence? While this may seem a challenging prospect, it promises, amongst other things, the restoration of phenomenal abilities, exceptional immune function, and, most importantly, a greatly enhanced state of mind and well-being only rarely glimpsed by a tiny minority.

A neurodegenerative theory, such as the one outlined in Left in the Dark, which proposes that the development of our brain has become seriously retarded would accurately predict a number of major psychological symptoms.

For example, it would be virtually impossible to make sense of who or what we are or recognize the insanity of our day-to-day behavior.

Furthermore, such a theory would predict that  even if there were overwhelming evidence to support such a scenario, we would be slow to understand the context, specific nature, and severity of our predicament, even if it were pointed out in layperson language… “

Check it out; come on, just give it a look with a open mind! “Left in the Dark”safe image.php?d=AQBHd1InW9Jbsjn1&w=90&h=90&url=http%3A%2F%2Fd2oadd98wnjs7n.cloudfront.net%2Fprojects%2F52225%2Fpictures%2Fprimary%2F20120126072953 Untitled 5

Enjoy the Transcript of the Tony Wright Interview Below

C: Here we are at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, the very end. I’m here with Tony Wright. I’m super stoked to bring this interview for you. Tony, tell me a little bit about yourself, man. And welcome.

T: Hi, yeah, well, you know I’ve been working on why humans are insane for maybe the last twenty years.

C: Yep

T: I figured out that fruit had something to do with it. That’s why I’m here, with all these people who are into fruit and oh my god, it’s been so much fun.

C: Beautiful festival, eh?

T: Really good, but yeah. To cut to the chase, I’ve basically been saying that our origins are symbiotic and that fruit really has something to do with the development of our neural system. Without it, it doesn’t work. So, I’ve been looking at the cause of human insanity, how we can treat it, and how we can fix it. And I’ve come up with something that’s getting some really excellent reviews from academics to philosophers to ecologists right the way across the board. I came here to do a couple of presentations and had an excellent reaction, so yeah.

C: I’ve heard so many amazing things about them.

T: I’m starting to actually believe that, you know, maybe there is a chance that we can do something about this, you know. Though, yea, that’s my kind of, that’s my thing really. What’s the cause, what’s the treatment, and what’s the prevention?

C: Yea

T: And I think fruit plays a big part in it.

C: So what’s your background, what got you to this point?

T: Well, I got a bit of a background in sort of plant sciences. That’s what I was studying when I became interested. So I had some plant knowledge. Always been interested in why things are so crazy when I look into the mirror and think, why am I so crazy? What’s going on? What’s all the insecurity about? So putting those things together, and then doing some experiments with semantic techniques, I guess. First of all, I changed to raw and then started eating a bit more fruit, things like staying awake, and judicious use of semantic techniques like neural chemicals analogs, and that took me to some spaces where it all just seemed to make sense. So, my plan then being, can I translate this into a rational mind? Does it make sense to anybody else? And that’s what I’m busy with now.

C: Beautiful, man, that’s awesome. So, what were some of the talks that you put on here? What was the subject matter?

T: The subject matter was, the first one was about origins; where we come from, looking at the ancient mythology. And they talked about being naked in the forest, eating fruit, for god sake. It’s all…

C: Back to nature.

T: Back to nature. Modern science says that when we lived in East Africa, it was warm, and we ate fruit—exactly the same as the story. So I thought, well, those two bits correlate really well—same story. Then, the next part I wanted to look at was delusion. Why are humans deluded? Why are we so crazy? Why are we so frightened?

C: Yea

T: Why do the most frightened and controlling people end up in charge and create hell on earth for everyone else. So that’s what I wanted to look at and the ancient traditions tell us exactly why. We don’t recognise it so well anymore, so went trolling in the academic literature and oh my god, I mean, I’m proposing species wide, severe neural retardation.

C: Yea

T: That’s hard-core.

C: When everyone’s insane, then who’s to say who is sane?

T: Exactly, so that’s a pretty powerful thing to say and there’s no way I can get a way with that if there’s not a mountain of evidence.

C: Oh, for sure.

T: Behaviorally, well, it’s a no brainer. We are clearly upper-heads.

C: Yea, Yea.

T: We all know about it. But if you look in the neurological literature, you look at the psychological literature the data is phenomenal. They discovered exactly the same thing. But the conclusions are astoundingly invented because they’ve all got the same piece of kick we’ve got. They look at the data then say “Oh my god there is a serious problem here” And the conclusions are “Everything’s fine, its specialized adaptation.” So that was the second part of my lecture. Really pointing out, why are we deluded? And then, what we said beyond that is what could we do to fix it?

C: Yep. Cool man, that’s awesome. You also have a website and a book as well?

T: Yea, yea, there’s a couple of websites. The main one is childrenoftheforest.info

C: leftinthedark.org.uk

T: Yep, and then Beyond Belief is linked on that site. So if you go to childrenoftheforest.info, you’ll find Beyond Belief. And I’ve got a lot of images on there and a lot of different explanations. And there’s a book Left in the Dark. You can also find it on Amazon. You know, its got a good outline in it, and you know, it’s a good introduction.

C: Sweet. You know I didn’t get a chance to watch your lectures but I heard so many good things, and hope to see you out here next yea too man.

T: I hope so.

C: And is there anything you’d like to leave us with at all?

T: Just that it was such a great time, you know. And anybody remotely interested in the human condition, anybody who is remotely interested in getting healthy and beginning to get a glimpse of reality, should come here and learn a lot of good stuff. 

C: Take the blue pill.

T: Take the blue pill every time.

C: Beautiful man, it’s a blessing. Thanks so much man, I appreciate it.

I hope you enjoyed this Tony Wright Interview. I find his book and findings very interesting and valuable for better understanding us as a species and where we came from. Be sure to check him out on his Site childrenoftheforest.info  and on his Youtube Channel for more interviews here.

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Beautiful One,

    I have been observing you on the You-Tube channel for a while now and it has been most In-Joy-able. I want to say that I totally resonate with your Very Bright and Beautiful Love Light! You are Amazing at following your Heart. On my Wonderful journy in creation I have been in and out of the raw food world since the late seventies. I have Now come to that still point of Loving self totally, and of course in doing so I Now stay on the foods that Love me back. I just purchased your recipe book. I am so blessed to be receiving it. Thank you for your Loving service to Supreme Source Energy.

    In Oneness <3
    Theresa 🙂

  2. Great interview! Tony Wright is REALLY smart. I didn’t see any of his videos yet, but just read a few pages on LeftintheDark.org.uk, very intriguing… https://beyond-belief.org.uk/node/8. Check it out! And thanks again for the Banana Hat and Turkish Figs!!

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