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I am really excited to share this super sweet interview with you, Karen Ranzi is such a inspiration and ray of light Its truly a delight to spread her glow n flow.

A 18 year low fat raw vegan, having raised two raw children and dedicated her life to sharing and teaching others to thrive raw and raise healthy raw children Karen Ranzi imparts some of her experiences and wisdom for us all to grow with. I can’t recommend her book “Creating Healthy Children” Highly enough for any parents, to be parents or anyone interested in the realities, science and practicality of raising raw vegan kids. The book goes beyond diet into “Attachment parenting” a subject Karen passionately teaches and shares also providing testimonials and insights from 30 different raw families.

Full Transcript of “TRA Interviews Karen Ranzi of” Coming soon 🙂

I got a chance to hang out and share with Karen during the Woodstock Fruit Festival and then spent a few days at her house where we Did this interview 🙂

Hey you should out the Woodstock fruit Festival this year last year was so so so epic and 2012 is going to be off the hook!!

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Full Transcript of “TRA Interviews Karen Ranzi of” Coming soon 🙂

I am really excited to share Karens flow and will be soon linking up with a affiliate link to sell her Ebook version of “Creating Healthy Children”

Hope you enjoy the interview a ton!!


Enjoy the Full Transcript of

“TRA Interviews Karen Ranzi of”

Below! 🙂

C: Another raw advantage interview for you right here, Chris Kendall. We got Karen Ranzi.

K: Hi

C: Welcome Karen, thank you so much. We’re actually at Karen’s house right now. Where are we again? We’re in Ramsey?

K: We’re in Ramsey. Now, it’s spelled differently than my last name. My last name is R-A-N-Z-I, ok? It’s not your typical name.

C: Which is mistaken…

K: Oh, I’ve been misspelled; even on the Internet people misspell it.

C: Yea, because I thought it was Ramsey actually, then we came to Ramsey, and I was like “Wait, what the heck?” Because I’m Kendall and I live on Candle, and it’s kind of similar. That’s kind of weird. We just came form the Woodstock Fruit Festival, and this is the last interview and I’m happy to get you Karen, to get you here because we’re talking a bit back there. But, you know, now we’re here. So this is good. But Karen’s a long-term raw foodist. How long have you been on raw food?

K: Close to 18 years.

C: 18 years, that’s very impressive. And you’re also a mother and an author and a whole bunch more. You’re a biting entrepreneur, and you’ve been that for a while right?

K: Yep, I’ve been teaching my creating healthy children class even before the book “Creating Healthy Children” came out. I’ve been traveling, going to health institutes, and health festivals and seminars all over the United States. Now it looks like I’m going to have the opportunity to go and spread the word in Europe.

C: Beautiful, that’s awesome.

K: Because I’m just passionate about spreading the word. I know that people feel comfortable as adults to eat raw foods: fruits and vegetables, as a life style. But very often they don’t feel comfortable for their own children.

C: Yea, that’s true.

K: And its my goal to show people that this way of eating is natural and that it is the way that we are meant to eat and that we need to get back to roots in order to have healthy families. And it’s the only way to do it, to go to raw fruits and vegetables, fresh and uncooked. My own grandmother told me as I was growing up what had happened to her in the early 1920’s she read a book called “The Mucusless diet healing systemby Arnold Ehret, and it came out around 1917. She read it in the early 1920’s, she had asthma and emphysema and the doctors told her she was going to die. I mean she had a really sever emphysema. And she healed in under a year from going to vegetarian and then vegan and then raw foods. And as I was growing up, she was frequently living with us and she told me all the time, tell your mother not to cook the food.

C: That’s so amazing.

K: She’s cooking the energy out of it.

C: You’re really fortunate because it’s not common that we have the older generation telling us that. Other than you know not all raw all the time I’m sure, eats your fruits and vegetables. But to have that concrete example in your life.

K: I was one of these people who was really fortunate because most of the people I am meeting when I go out and do my talks they’re hearing this and some of them are coming from health and they just want to lead healthy lives and increase their life potential. And then there’s other people coming from a situation of illness and they want to feel better. But most of them didn’t have anybody in their family who was telling them to do this. So I had it in my childhood and I ignored it for many years but when my own child was ill, that’s when it came back to me. And of course I didn’t want my child to be ill. And nothing else was working. This was the only thing that was effective.

C: So you’ve gone through it. You’ve had the experience of raising raw children, the ups and the downs, the social aspects of it. You know, puberty, I mean everything from…

K: All the way through, yea.

C: All through, so…

K: And my own personal experiences. Because I had cystic acne all over my face and my back for about 20-25 years and I was going to two different dermatologists and I was getting hydrochrotisol shots in my face. Very painful.

C: Yea

K: And I kept asking the dermatologists “Does it have anything to do with what I’m eating?” because my father was telling me it has a lot to do with what I’m eating.

C: Oh no

K: “Nothing to do with what you’re eating. You can eat all the cheese doodles you want.” Because I love cheese doodles.

C: But wait, I thought unhealthy skin tissues had something to do with damaged EFAs and blah blah blah. Yea, dermatologists are pretty crazy.

K: It was really very simple. It was just a matter of changing the diet and getting a lot of water rich foods into my diet. The foods that I was eating were all depleted. You know, whether it was cooked or dehydrated, it was all very depleted and acid forming in my body. And once I switched to a diet that was high in fresh plant foods, 3 months and the skin was clear.

C: That’s so awesome. You were fortunate too to catch on with Arnold Ehret. He’s an amazing teacher and has really great books too as well. Was that the first book you actually got to read than, too?

K: Well yea, because that was the book that my grandmother wrote about and talked about. So because, when my child was ill, that was the first thing that popped into my head, after trying all kinds of other paths that lead us nowhere. I then go the book and read that, and then I started reading other books and going out and hearing speakers. That was about 18, well 19 years ago. And about 18 years ago, it just made total sense and I went raw vegan overnight. And I haven’t looked back once. I haven’t had the desire to have other foods.

C: Cordon Blue

K: Yea. The first couple of years, the wintertime was really tough. I was very cold, especially living in the northeast.

C: For sure.

K: So we did take our vacations in the wintertime. We went to Costa Rica.

C: Awe…that’s pretty awesome.

K: That was really nice. Or Columbia, my husband’s family is in Columbia so we would go down there in the winter and that was rally helpful. But in the winter times I was very cold, for the first couple of years. But after the first couple of years…

C: Circulation

K: My circulation improved.

C: Whoop

K: And I was no longer cold. And now I adapt very well to the cold or to the heat.

C: You can’t tell that its like -20 outside and we’re just hanging out because we are super humans. No but I totally agree. For the first two years I was freezing and after that it just improved dramatically, you know. Pretty amazing. With all you’re experience too with raising your kids and helping others, I guess you’ve been doing call in homes for quite a long time. Wow, have you had any amazing stories with that?

K: I have, I had a lot of amazing stories.

C: I bet

K: One of the more recent stories that I was really thrilled to find out was that when I spoke at the Woodstock Fruit Festival this past week, a family came to the festival with my book for me to sign and they had purchased my book a while back. This family was eating a standard food lifestyle. They were not eating healthfully and they didn’t think they were doing anything different than they were supposed to. But the woman became very ill with arthritis and her husband was googling to try to find some help for her. And at the same time they have a little boy who is very young, about two years old, and she couldn’t take care of him. She was in bed and she was crying all the time. It was really very hard for her; she was in such pain from the arthritis. So he googled and he found my book and he read it and they began to transition into a raw food lifestyle. And they came to the festival and she told her story during one of my classes and she was happy that she had learnt this information and that she can now take care of her child. And so that was really exciting for me.

C: That’s so awesome. No greater gift than to be able to help others enter the light of a new path.

K: Definitely.

C: That’s amazing

K: I’ve also spoken at some universities and that’s one of my goals is to get into universities, colleges, schools, public schools, private schools, where ever they’ll take me so I can give this information to the students. And especially college students who are going out into the world soon and having their own children.

C: They are.

K: I wish I had a class on the kind of information I’m giving.

C: Everyone needs it.

K: Because its not taught in college.

C: Nope. Everyone needs it. That empowerment of young mothers or every one of families to be able to better themselves, their children, the whole gamine starts from there right?

K: Exactly. Even from the first food. I spoke at Penn State University and the University of South Carolina and there were young women in my class their who had babies. They were older students who already had children and the children were on formula. And I spoke about one part of my book, which is actually half of my book, which is about attachment parenting.

C: I’ve heard amazing things about this.

K: Yea, because its not just about the food. A big part of it is the emotional, mental, spiritual peace and that creates the healthiest children possible and that is just as important as the food. They are equally important, you got to have both. So with the attachment parenting, when I talked about the breastfeeding, the long-term breastfeeding and how important it was. Because the connection it causes the emotional connection between the mother and the baby is so important. In addition, the life long nutrition and immunity the child gets from the mother’s milk. It cannot be duplicated. There is nothing that can duplicate it.

C: No, there’s no substitute at all.

K: And I’ve had a couple of women who are following my classes come up to me to tell me that they are going to make some changes. One woman was even going to go to La Leche League to try to get a consultant to help her to start nursing again. Because she had stopped nursing and her child was on formula. There is a way to get women to start nursing again. And lactation consultants, there’s a lot of good ones out there.

C: That’s a hugely valuable resource. Because so many people are so misinformed, first food, not only about breastfeeding and then even just solid food, But the entire growing years of a child, there’s differences from where we’re at from first year, second year so that information is completely invaluable.

K: And most of the women who are raising children are indoctrinated with information that is given to them through programming. You know through the TV.

C: Oh yea.

K: And even through schools. You know, there’s a monopoly on this school by the industry and they don’t understand what is the proper food to feed to babies, after being weaned from nursing or after they’re, or maybe they’re not weaned because its much better to do long term nursing. But when they start eating solids, you know, what to feed them and most women give cereal grains to their babies.

C: Horrible

K: And yea, that’s right. It’s horrible.

C: I mean when I was in nutritional school, that was one of the things they taught. And I almost threw down the book. Like “This is complete horsecrap” But how intuitively wrong is that. I mean cooked fruits or grains, rice grains as cereal for their first food.

K: Rice cereal, I know.

C: Are you kidding me? This is what their teaching in schools. It’s what nutritionists teach. Its so counter intuitively, it boggles the mind.

K: And they don’t understand that a child does not have the salivary enzyme Ptyalin or the pancreatic enzymes to process complex starches until between ages 3 and 4. And their giving babies rice cereal…

C: Oh burp em up

K: And also complex starches in their infancy. And so…

C: Ear infections, diarrhoea, those are normal.

K: Adenoids and Tonsils end up having to be taken out because of it.

C: Exactly. Vaccination.

K: That’s a whole other story.

C: We can’t go into everything here. We can’t go into everything.

K: These are like classes that could be 3 / 4 hours in time.

C: These are, I mean, so many major subjects are underplayed and undervalued in society. I mean I’ve researched a lot and learnt a lot. But Karen, had them first had, I mean dealt with them not only with herself or her family but also multitudes of people and their families to see through all the you know the hogwash and create healthy children. I mean that’s the name of your book.

K: “Creating Healthy Children Through Attachment Therapy and Raw Foods”. And I had to include both parts in that book and some women have told me that’s it the encyclopaedia of raising children on raw vegan foods.

C: I believe it. You know, it ain’t no shrimpy book its definitely the best resource I’ve seen. I haven’t gotten to read through it. But just from talking to people and I know and trust in this movement and the things you’ve got to say about you and you portray and share with others. I am really thrilled to have you on here to expose you to everyone on my list and everyone I know, so.

K: I’m excited to talk about it. I also am, I’m passionate to get the word out and anybody who has any questions can always email me. And my website is so you can always get a hold of me on There’s some articles on my website. There’s book reviews, lots of book reviews. I have a blog, and I just started the blog recently and would love to have some good discussions going on. So anyone who’s got hot topics to bring up, that’s a good place to do it.

C: That’s awesome. I know some aspiring raw mothers, new raw mothers and I’m sure that they will come over to see what you have to offer because you have a lot to offer. And you have an e-book too?

K: The e-book is coming out. It’s almost done. It will be up on kindle and e-pub. So I’m excited about that. I waited a year, but now I’m ready to let it go electronically.

C: Upwards movement. There’s that need.

K: That’s right. I definitely want to get it out to the world. And I know and as a lot of women are busy moms, they are not going to be able to sit down and read a physical book. But it’s also very easy, you know there’s a very detailed table of contents and I also have a very thorough index so you can look up things and get them pretty quickly. So you don’t have to read the whole book to get to something you might be interested in at the moment.

C: And just like we said, the example with the people who came to the festival this weekend with the whole family. The father reads it, the mother reads it. And it becomes an open dialogue that helps the whole family grow, not only nutritionally but as a tight unit.

K: Also, in chapter 28 in the book is “30 Raw Food Families Around the World” sharing their stories of healing, raw pregnancy, teenager stories, families and how their living how their enjoying their raw food life style they are and how healthy their feeling with such abundance. So there are stories that I couldn’t really take out because each story is so different.

C: I’m super excited. I’m going to be reading the book and maybe I’ll do a book review.

K: Cool.

C: And put up, if its ok, but a chapter list of an excerpt and talk more about it on a future post and maybe I’ll do that during this. And hopefully in the future I can be an affiliate and sell your books one day that would be really great.

K: Yea definitely. Thank you so much.

C: My pleasure, my pleasure.

K: That would be awesome. And I totally support your work.

C: Thank you. Is there anything else you’d really love to end with or anything that you’d like to share?

K: You know I just want parents to really understand that in today’s society, we have a lot of epidemics going on. And we really need to search ourselves, our hearts, also to think about how people originally lived and how tribes live. They don’t eat processed foods. They eat simply, and they eat the fresh plant foods. That’s where all the nutrients are. That’s a nutrient dense diet. And it’s a whole lifestyle. So you know, things like autism, asthma, diabetes, these are illnesses and are really not necessary. Children don’t have to have any of these illnesses. These dis-eases.

C: Yea Exactly. Its all created dis-ease with the … Its definitely a pleasure to have you on today. Thank you so much. And thanks for hosting here, at your house.

K: Oh yea, its great having you here.

C: Excited to see you next year at the Woodstock Fruit Festival, hopefully?

K: Yea, and on September 11th, in just a couple of weeks, my daughter is coming in from Colorado and she and I are doing a class together called “Raw Food Fun for Kids”

C: Beautiful.

K: Already some of the people from the Woodstock Fruit Festival have signed up we’re going to prepare very simple recipes together with very simple ingredients.

C: What date is that?

K: That’s on a Sunday, September 11th.

C: Ok so maybe I’ll try to get this out faster, so this gets our before September 11th.

K: Ok.

C: Has to be quick, but we’ll get it out. Thanks again Karen. It was definitely awesome. You’ve seen it here. Raw Advantage. Karen Ranzi.

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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