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Join me for a What I Eat in A Day in Bali!

As a bonus, I share the easiest ways to cut/eat some of the most popular seasonal produce!

As a 13.5-year raw foodist, Bali is a fruitarian dream, while I am not strictly fruitarian it’s where I get the bulk of my calories most of the time. The fruit selection is amazing and the quality is very high, I must say that my time in Bali was one of the best fruit-wise. If you like amazing fruit, great weather, connecting with like-minded people, touring for surfing and or skateboarding, exploring waterfalls, beaches, and much more, then Bali may just be for you!!

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So at the time of posting this what I eat in a day in Bali video I have been in the country for just over two weeks and I have been surfing and skateboarding every day. The water quality here isn‘t very good so I have been buying big jugs of distilled water to be able to make sure to stay hydrated, every morning I start my day by drinking a big glass of water. On more mellow days when I am less active I usually just eat two fruit-based meals, but on days when I‘m engaging in more physical activity, I eat three. For breakfast today, I am starting my day with one of my favorite fruits out here, red dragonfruit! These are by far the sweetest most filling dragonfruit I have had, to round out the meal I also had a giant mango.

You can open the dragonfruit by simply grabbing it by the butt end and ripping the skin off of it to reveal the amazing orb within, or by splitting it in half with a knife and scooping out the center. It can get a bit messy, but that‘s all part of the fun, some of the best things in life are messy! The dragonfruits are really filling, but the mangoes are always a nice finishing touch. I‘ve seen several varieties of mangoes here, including the white Wani Mango, learn more in the video below, but this Mango Manilla variety is my favorite. They are super sweet and have such an incredible range of flavors that’s hard to describe. What I eat in a Day in Bali

For dinner, I decided to have some amazing Saba bananas and the almighty king of fruits, the durian. Saba bananas are typically seen as cooking bananas, much like plantains, but like plantains, they can be amazing when fully ripe. These Saba bananas taste like a mix between the burro banana, which tastes like a fluffy slightly lemon-flavored banana, and apple bananas which taste like bananas mixed with granny smith apples, seriously delicious. For the finishing move, I had a full Durian to myself, it’s been such a treat to have such an abundance of durian as it can cost $50 – $100 per fresh durian in the USA or Canada and I got this one for only $3.50! Seriously I saved more than the cost of my flight in terms of savings on durian if I was to buy them back home! The creamy inside of this durian tastes like a mix between the best custard and butterscotch pudding I‘ve ever had.

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I really hope you enjoyed this what I eat in a day in Bali video, be sure to check out some of my other videos from Bali. I typically post 12 recipe videos each month, so make sure to subscribe below so you don‘t miss out! 

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