TRA News for August – September 2012

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Big announcements below!!

August 17th and August 18th is Chris Kendall and Dr Sam’s Bday’s, sure to be enjoyed to the max in Albany!

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August 20th

The Woodstock Fruit Festival coming just a week away going from August 20th to 28th at Camp Walden located on beautiful Trout Lake in the Southern Adirondacks. A amazing festival Built around the concept of creating support, community and knowledge of how to thrive on a raw food fruit based diet. Headed by Michael Arnstein aka The Fruitarian its 2nd year is sure to only surpass the 1st in attendies and epicness!! Jam packed with the most inspiring knowledgable raw foodists, experts, Dr’s and Guru’s, weither you are going for health, fitness, friends, great food, company or a combo of any of these aspects you wont be disappointed!

Check out more and sign up, before its too late and get $100 off with my code “banana” at https://thewoodstockfruitfestival.com

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After the Woodstock Fruit Festival come enjoy a NYC Frickin Fruitluck on September 1st in Central Park, Sheeps Meadow Precisly! 

Free Kendalini Yoga Class Starts at 10am, Fruit smashing at 11:15a, and a Durian Showdown at 12 Noon!

If you are coming to the WFF or cant make it but want to meet a bunch of the speakers and have a great fruity time this is the perfect event!!!


September 5th Chris Kendall will be doing a talk at JustFood in Chester CT

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Chris, who works closely with Dr. Douglas Graham and practices 80/10/10, will share his expertise on living an abundant raw food lifestyle, insights on the challenges of making a transition to raw, the health benefits of “going raw”, as well as his personal transformation of growing into ‘Unconditional Space” and having an increased sense of bliss and deeper awareness of internal and external environments. 

Bring your health questions as Chris will address your personal health concerns and what steps you can take to achieve your health and fitness goals!

September 8th Chris Kendall will be doing a talk at Raw Food Central in Windsor CT 

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Chris is going to share with us his journey in becoming raw and give some insights on how to make it easier for you. He will share his struggles in the   beginning and can advise you how to better deal with some difficulties including mental, physical and social. He will give some Raw Facts that benefit your  health and share some ideas on recipes that are easy and will educate from his unique viewpoint how great eating lots of fruit and veggies are for your health. Chris will attempt to answer all your questions.
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