Vegan Hemp Minimalist Shoe Unboxing The New Xero Shoes “Toronto”

As a proud Xero Hero, enthusiast and Xero Affiliate I am excited to share this unboxing of the

New Vegan Hemp Minimalist Shoe by Xero Shoes, the “Toronto”!

So stoked to share a chance to win a FREE pair and/or get 20+% off of all

IMG 3222

Ok OK I will share the Toronto Here, Hopefully you already watched the video!!

Xero shoes toronto vegan hemp minimalist shoeThey are my New Fave!!


My Fave Vegan Skate Shoes are

the Canvas “Venice” by the Straye 

If you are interested in giving barefoot / minimalist footwear a try I Highly Highly recommend watching this video I made with

Grant Campbell as he shares his experience and expertise around minimalist footwear sharing the benefits, mechanics and basic technique of running barefoot and / or using minimalist footwear for injury prevention / healing and optimal performance!

I hope you LOVE the Video 🙂

I have tried out many brands and have been wearing them almost exclusively for over 10 years, with that I am a proud XERO Hero, Brand Ambassador and Affiliate for

Xero Shoes original barefootware

The absolute closest shoes to being barefoot, I absolutely LOVE XERO minimalist sandals and shoes!

Xero shoes are super comfy and have really helped me recover from past knee, ankle and back injuries by improving my biomechanics and overall foot, ankle, and knee strength. With a thinner sole and zero heel drop you can effectively receive reflexology from the ground and all the benefits that come from that!

I’ve tried several other types of minimalist shoes including Vibram, New Balance, Zem Gear, Vivo etc but none really compare to xero shoes both in terms of comfort, durability, low shoe weight and super reasonable price!

While there are tons of styles and colors to choose from in both sandals and closed toed shoes,

My Favourite Sandals that Xero makes is the Amuri Cloud starting at just $49.95!

Xero Amuri Cloud

They are super comfy, easy to slip on, stay in place and are perfect for everyday use, for running short or long distances.

Yes these are actually Running Sandals / Huarache! 

Honourable Mention to the DIY Feel True Sandal Kit starting at $19.95 – $29.95 as well as the Z-Trek!

All Xero Shoes come with a 5000 mile Warranty!

Both of these are sturdy enough to run, play and even hike in but also stylish and comfortable enough to do almost anything else in as well! 

My favourite Xero Athletic Shoes are the Prio! 

xero prio

These super comfortable zero heel drop minimalist fitness shoes are vegan, super lightweight, ultra comfortable and fully machine washable!!

And of course my new favourite Gym Shoe the Xero Shoes Speed Force available in Mens and Womens colors and sizes!

Speed Force mens and womens

I feel so blessed to share that after more than a decade of wearing xero (formally Invisible shoes), buying them for my family and later becoming a proud affiliate, I am now also a Xero Hero, meaning I am an ambassador for Xero Shoes and get to try out new samples and give even more feedback to create better and better minimalist footwear with them!

Check out my Xero Hero Page here ? 

With Xero Shoes you get the natural feel of walking / running barefoot – just like being a kid again – with the added protection of a shoe!

I hope you love them as Much as I do! ?

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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