Xero Shoes Testimonial and Review – Life Changing!

Learn how minimalist footwear changed both my and Ryan from HighCarbRegenerators Life with this Xero Shoes Testimonial & Review!

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xero shoes testimonial

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*As a disclaimer, both Ryan and I are Xero affiliates and came to be so after years of enjoying and finding benefits from their amazing footwear and the benefits of minimalist shoes! By using any of my links in this post or on my website you are supporting my filthy banana habit and are helping me more easily continue to put out holistic health and raw food lifestyle content! Thank you SO much for all the support in fulfilling my life mission!

If you have been following me for a while you know I love Xero shoes.

Over the last 12+ years of wearing minimalist footwear, I have found crazy benefits and feel blessed to share about them and all the blessings from using them.

Skateboarding for over 36 years, as well as some major accidents, has left me with a long history of injury to my ankles, knees, and feet. I have gone through the gamut of ways to strengthen and heal my joints, from orthotics, braces, special shoes etc, I have tried it all. Minimalist shoes have really been intricate in my healing, I really can not recommend them enough. Over the last 12+ years of wearing minimalist shoes, except when skateboarding or being barefoot, I have tried more than a few brands, but…

xero shoes testimonial

My Favourite Minimalist Footwear by far is Xero Shoes!

They offer the best price possible, have many 100% vegan options (which I love), and last really really long. In fact, I haven’t won the sole out of any of the 10+ pairs I have owned due to the amazing 5000-mile warranty on all of their soles and their 1 year against any manufacturer’s defect. It seriously doesn’t get any better, oh wait with prices starting at $17.95 they are more than worth a try!

I hope you try a pair or two yourself, especially with the current 20% off sale which goes up to 25% off when you get 2 or more pairs!

Check Out the Spring 2023 20% off Sale Here and Enter to WIN before March 12th!

If you give them a try please let me know what you think!

For more detailed info on the benefits of Minimalist Footwear check out this video with amazing ultra-athlete Grant Campbell

The Benefits of Minimalist and Barefoot Running with Grant Campbell aka Raw Aussie Athlete

and me as we share the benefits, basics, and techniques of minimalist footwear for injury prevention/healing and optimal performance.

Check out this interview with Steven the CEO of Xero shoes on Ryan’s channel Here

steven sashen xero shoes interview

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