Water Fasting Day 2

What to share with you on day two of my water fast at the farm of life?

Wanna see?


Surrounded by song birds, I fall into a loving blissful flow of gratitude for all that is. Lisa the great gifted me with a natural plant Loofah, thanks Lisa. Awesome for dry brushing, something I will get much more into in the next post actually 🙂

During my first two days of fasting I also led a few Kendalini ooops I mean Kundalini classes, love their flow. Just keeping it mellow and growing in the pulsing connection and expansion of the auric energy field. This like anything is  strengthened with awareness and conscious practices. I also have been reading uplifting conscious literature, a new book I started reading which I would highly recommend is “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping. If you or anyone you know holds in anger, despair or any negativity toward what is, toward relationships or has that “its not fair attitude” this book can help open the veil. Simply showing and helping guide anyone open to a new perspective into seeing the perfection in everything, looking past the egoistic self and seeing that we are conscious and unconscious creators forming our flow perfect for what we wish to experience and grow through. This is one of those book that I read and was continually laughing and nodding as it had felt as if I had read it before. The concepts brought within, or rather remembered can bring unmeasured peace and bliss.

Loving bathing in the cool pools, drinking a bunch of that fresh water while in there!! Important to  bathe clearing the skin during a fast, it is the largest elimination organ we have! Skin brushing along with bathing helps the body clear itself of toxemia shedding old dead skin and creating a more open flow assisting in that letting go. Staying hydrated both during a fast as well as in regular life is essential to great health, it simply effects all of your bodily systems. Optimally one should be urinating clear 8 – 12 times a day, during fasting this may mean drinking 2 – 3 liters a day, and during a regular flow up to a liter upon rising and a cup or two 15 min before food if thirst. Of course the quantity you drink will be determined by a wide number of factors including the climate your in, if you exercising and sweating as well as the foods your eating, how juicy they are! Stay Hydrated!! 🙂

During my fast I am continuing to work a bit here and there, maybe not fully optimal but what I was led to in my heart. I know some would say this isn’t pure or hygienic fasting but I simply feel so joyful in my work that I see doing a little bit as a decent balance, at least for me during this fast. Work or activity that is strenuous, tiring, stressful physically or mentally should be avoided. In the end you cant go wrong following your own drum letting go of judgements fixed opinions and listing to your intuition.

Why am I fasting, a question asked a few times. If I am on such a clean simple diet why would anyone need to fast? I do believe we can even in this day and age we can reach a point where fasting is completely unnecessary especially on a simple low fat raw diet, but this all depends on the physical emotional and environmental stresses we put on ourselves. Being three fold beings we are best served looking at ourselves in this manner, healing of body mind and spirit is radically propelled forward during a fast. For me this fast is as much about connection to the divine, delving within and shedding old patterns beliefs and blockages that keep me from experiencing and choosing my highest self in all moments. We are really spiritual beings having a physical experience (thanks CWG) letting go of the digestive demands we open up a surplus of energy for emoting, cleansing and feeling our full physical and energetic bodies with much more clarity. In this process we are once again given a chance to see and feel our true self, to feel what hinders our expansion. With this knowledge we can either see it feel it shedding light and dissipating it or hide it once again. A amazing process of self discovery and growth fasting truly is a unfolding process.

On the physical side This last year and a half has been heavy for me. My first 5 years raw I stuck it 80/10/10 style pure hygienic, that means no spices (except some cinnamon and carob at times) onions garlic ginger while following proper food combining to a “t” and always keeping fat low. In writing and expanding my recipes in my upcoming book, “Cravings Busters Transitional Recipes” coming soon BTW, I have opened the door to some of these ingredients (all optional in the book with substitutes) as I truly do feel they can be really helpful to many in the process of transitioning to a simpler cleaner raw food diet. Nearly all of the gourmet recipe books I have seen out there are really high in fat, horrid with food combining, including many ingredients such as salt and oils that I do not include or recommend. Even though its simple low fat raw gourmet, overdoing it as I have in both Chefing and creating the book has me excited to close that book in finishing writing it and personally using the recipes with much less frequency instead for celebrations, or gatherings and feasts when asked 🙂

I also have a few lingering skate injuries that I wish to heal up more fully, in the past I have cracked my spine, dislodged a few bones, torn and stretched tendons and ligaments in my knees and ankles and really just battered myself without adequately recovering. I used to literally let myself just heal (while drinking smoking and eating poorly, near a decade ago) then purposefully skateboard at such a intensity that I would wreck my body and need take weeks off. I can say in a period of 6 years of intense skating 2 – 3 of them were spent on my back healing or otherwise limping. Giving your body the nourishment, sleep and time it needs to heal up well cant be overstated. In fasting I simply strive to give my body mind and spirit the time energy and conscious attention it needs to reach higher heights. Laughing loving while delving within, growing and sharing this flow together 🙂

Official pre fast weigh in, 167 lbs!!!

I hope you enjoyed it!





As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Great post bro! Thanks for sharing why someone as healthy as yourself would want to fast… I’ll check out Radical Forgiveness too, as this is the second time I’ve heard it highly recommended from a resonant source. And what a coincidence: I also weighed in at 167 yesterday!!

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