18 years RAW VEGAN is he DETERIORATING?? Q&A Chris Kendall

Blessed by this fun Interview and fun Q&A with the High Carb Regenerator YT Channel as he asks me tons of questions to find out, 18 years RAW VEGAN is he DETERIORATING?

If you go down the rabbit hole of vegan deterioration you can find videos of people who were on vegan as well as raw vegan diets that have run into issues.
The most common is undereating, if you do this then you not only will not get enough calories but will not get enough macronutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, but also will not get enough micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. Part of the reason this is actually the number one reason people have on a raw vegan diet, as well as vegan diet, is because of the satiating nature of whole plant foods, that is due to the high fiber content, the high water content and low-calorie content it is easy to feel full but eat way fewer calories than one may be used to.  I go deeper into this concept in this video on “satiation why people are getting fatter and fatter”, which shows the inverse is true when eating fatty highly processed foods.
Another big reason why people can run into difficulties on a raw vegan diet is due to a lack of education and or support. When starting a completely different way of life it makes sense that there is a learning curve and while a plant-based, vegan and raw vegan diet can be really healthful there are also ways to do so in a way that doesn’t provide all you need to thrive. To help with this I do interviews like this, tons of free blog posts, and write books with info as well as recipes to make it tastier and easier. For some people this can be enough, for others wishing to streamline their success and dig deeper, I offer all manner of consultations including donation-based consultations as well as my interactive 10-Week Raw Vegan Lifestyle Success System.

I really hope you enjoy this interview looking into – 18 years RAW VEGAN is he DETERIORATING – with Ryan from High Carb Regenerator.



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