Banana Curry Food Demo

Enjoy this Banana Curry food demo, a new recipe from my Banana Commanders Big Banana Book

Stoked about using my Rayban meta wayfarers for the first time in a food demo. Let me know if you like it, and I will do more

PS As I promised in the live, I was using @rydaknives from my friend @rawchefviktor they are beyond awesome!

I hope you love the Banana Curry recipe; I know it can seem strange, but it’s amazing!

Below is the recipe from my new book. I hope you love it!

Banana curry recipe

Banana Curry Noodles!


5 Bananas (1.25 lb / 575 g)

Napa Cabbage (1 lb / 460 g)

Red Cabbage (.33 lb / 150 g)

1-2 Carrots (.33 lb / 150 g)

Red Onion (.06 lb / 28 g)

Curry Powder (2 tbsp)

Hemp Seeds (2 tbsp)

Ginger (1 tbsp)


· Start the day before by thinly slicing the red cabbage into noodles and freezing it.

· The following day, remove the cabbage from the freezer and thaw it in a strainer under warm water. Squeeze it dry and set it aside.

· Cut the napa cabbage into thin noodles and place them in a large bowl.

· Using a grater or a julienne peeler, create noodles from the carrots. Then, add them to the bowl with the napa cabbage and mix well.

· Peel the bananas and blend them with ginger, onion, hemp seeds, and curry until smooth.

· Pour the mixture over the “noodles” and mix well.

· Add the thawed red cabbage and mix enough to incorporate it without turning the curry red.

And there you have it, a sweet, savory, super, satiating dinner meal that’s sure to impress. (860 Calories)

I hope you enjoy the banana curry recipe.

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