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Piggybacking on my last Vitamin D post,

Here’s such a great trick to Boost Vitamin D that you will want to save it and share with a friend who should know this!?

I bought a case of mushrooms for a great price but didn’t go through all of them before they were starting to get dicey, so, I sliced and dehydrated them all until they were completely dry and then blasted them with UVB to Boost Vitamin D using my Sperti vitamin D lamp, I then bagged em and put em in the freezer!???

This way I have a bunch of Vitamin D-rich dried mushrooms to add to curries, Chilis, stews, noodles, sauces, and more??

You can Boost Vitamin D in Mushrooms by hundreds of percent by placing under UVB light/sunlight when fresh, dried, or even powdered and retain for 6+ months, best preserved when sealed airtight and in the freezer?

Spring is coming and with that more sunshine, but until then I’m using my Sperti directly on my skin as well as on mushrooms, it’s nice to have these to double and or triple down on the D???

Btw you can check out my whole post with way more on this topic in my Top 4 Favorite Sources of vitamin D for Vegans Post Here

boost vitamin d

And also get 27% off your own Sperti Here ??

As mentioned and expanded from the last video, using a reptile or grow light to charge your mushrooms will also work but requires more time exposed to the UVB under the light as it’s not as strong as the Sperti which is designed to get you all the Vitamin D you need in 3 minutes a 3-4 days a week??


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