Vitamin D Mushrooms?

Did you know that Mushrooms are a vegan source of Vitamin D, or rather that you can “make” Vitamin D Mushrooms?☀️

I’ve been shouting about this for a decade, specifically the point that you can “charge” mushrooms under a UVB light, or the sun, effectively boosting the D content by 600+% making them vitamin D mushrooms, essentially a vitamin D supplement🤯

In this video, I share how I create my vitamin d mushrooms under my Sperti vitamin D lamp, which of course also works to create Vitamin D directly on/in your skin and is 27% off right now in the link above🙌🏼

I go deeper into this subject with links and references along with my vitamin d mushroomsFavorite Sources of Vitamin D as a Vegan in my post all about it ☀️

Until recently I had always heard that mushrooms contain vitamin D2 which is effective in raising our D levels, but does not have as long-lasting effect as vitamin D3 produced in the skin in response to ultraviolet light, but, my friend Dan aka @enzyme.333 tipped me off to info I corroborated with Pubmed studies showing shiitake mushrooms actually produce Vitamin D3 when charged by uvb🤯☀️

It’s pretty dang cool stuff, doesn’t matter if the mushrooms are fresh, dried, or even powdered and it appears that once charged and dried the vitamin D lasts for 6-12 months, a fun way to create tasty more natural D supplements! 💥

As an aside, dried mushrooms go great in raw curries, Chilis, pizzas, pasta, stews, and more, not to mention even as a great sauce thickener❤️



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