Ted Carr’s 7 Secret Exercises for Serious Gains on a Raw Diet

Recently at the UK Fruit Festival I shadowed Ted Carr in the gym as he shares his secret weightlifting exercises that have transformed his body over the last 6 months!

This was originally filmed for my IG story, see more day in the life fun on my IG page @therawadvantage here and Teds @fruitarian here 🙂

  To give you a quick run down of the exercises Ted does:

1. Overhead Push Press

2. Reverse Flys

3. Wide Grip Pull ups

4. Dumbbell Chest Press

5. Back Squats

6. Incline Dumbbell Press

7. Bicep Curls

Check out the video for more details and a demonstration of each exercise.


Ted also gives some great tips for getting your best recovery and maximizing those gains:

1. Make sure you’re eating enough calories

2. Get plenty of sleep

3. Take a cold shower to stimulate the growth hormone

I hope you really enjoyed this video and enjoy working your body, no matter if it’s in the gym or on the trail or doing your favourite sport! 🙂

Wishing you Much 

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Wishing You Much

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