Fasting at The Farm of Life Day 1

I am really excited to share my Fasting experience with you while at The Farm of Life, I love it!

Into Day 1 exposing my learnings, thoughts and experiences with Fasting and Cleansing in general πŸ™‚

Enjoy it much!

Where to start, fasting is such a awesome topic that is widely misunderstood. Many people think fasting is Starving, this is far from the truth. Fasting is a age old practice that in reality near every living being utilities at certain points of their life for a wide variety of reasons. Animals intuitively fast when sick, injured, or forced due to food shortage in all cases it is or can be life saving and regenerating. Some animals insects and reptiles fast or Hibernate every year for months some up to years. Plants and insects also go through dormant stages where their entire system reboots cleaning out the old and making room for new expansion and growth. This topic could fill a whole chapter hmmm. πŸ™‚

Humans have a colorful history in fasting as well documented throughout history for reasons physical mental and spiritual. Nearly every major religious or spiritual figure has been documented to fast for physical mental and spiritual growth, often for the 40 days and 40 nights as Jesus did in the desert. Purification and regeneration of the body is the most common reason people fast bringing self healing from Degenerative diseases, chronic ailments and destructive habits as some of the benefits. Nearly every disease know to man has been show to be halted, helped or reversed by fasting. The body really is the most amazing physical gift we have been bestowed, self healing, self cleansing, self regulating, we simply need provide the proper conditions and it does everything for us, truly a marvel. Often we can get so intellectual we think we know better than our body, that it “messed up” and we need fix or help it “heal” with pills, potions and such, Really if we just get out of the way get some rest and miss a few meals it does a much better job. I really really recommend reading Dr Doug Grahams Book “Hygienic Fasting” as well as Herbert Shelton’s Fasting Can Save Your Life” as well as his “The Hygienic System, Volume III, Fasting and Sun Bathing” this last one free to read online here.

Suffice it to say I have much faith and direct experience in the unparalleled perfection of the bodies healing power when given the tools it needs to regain maintain and indeed thrive. Over the past 12 years I have fasted at least 12 times, more if you count one day or 24 hour fasts which I wont ahha. All of my fasts up to this point have been done unsupervised, something I don’t recommend even as I did so myself. DO what I say not what I do!! ahahah Kidding πŸ™‚ Having guidance and support is really helpful to say the least, I know in my case I blew a few of my fasts in coming off early or in a poor manner, refeeding is most often the most difficult part of the fast.

All the same Β I gained fasting experience over the years by reading learning through experience in moving from one day, to two, to a few fasts of three days, then a few five day fasts, followed y a few 7 and lastly two 10 day fasts. The longer fasts where done over 1.5 and 2 years apart. I am not a advocate of weekly monthly or even yearly fasts unless in the latter case they are clearly indicated by intuition and symptoms. Most often simply coming into a clean and simple raw vegan diet, from there possible a few fasts if indicated in their own time fine tuned to each individuals needs and realities is all that’s needed. Living in the world we do today with pollution, pesticides, herbicides all those harmful sides as well as stress, fasting may in fact be more needed now than ever. Talking with and having the help in person or even online or phone of someone experienced in fasting can save you much discomfort, time and energy.

During fasting the bodies energy is able to be redirected to cleansing and detoxification leading to repair and regeneration of all bodily functions. Always working in the best interest of your whole being the body will start where it wants to not where you wish it to. Giving the entire digestive system a break frees up tons of energy as the average person uses 30 – 60% of their total blood flow on digestion with a simple low fat raw foodist still hitting 15 – 40%. This surplus of energy not only can go towards healing and regaining homeostasis but also emoting and processing old emotions and stored feelings as well as facilitating spiritual and emotional growth and sensitivity. As three part beings this process can help bring clarity and renewed passion to our true purpose. Toxemia of the body and emotions can be held in fat tissue, with fasting both come up πŸ™‚

Beyond the amazing benefits of fasting I chose to have this time of renewal at Finca de Vida (farm of life) as it truly a holistic healing center also providing the supervision I have never had. With the cleanest pure spring water to drink and bathe in (check the Cool Pools Video on “The Farm of Life” YouTube channel here), the renewing earthing energy of barefoot walking (do read “Earthing” more on this below), skin brushing, amazing vortex’s to sun gaze in as well as amazing positive energy of both the farm the guests and volunteers there as well as the most excellent owners Brian and Josephine Calvi. I shall talk more about each of these in do time πŸ™‚

Its really amazing to me, going to a fasting center can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, I know of a few that literally cost over 4 grand a month while some much much more than that. There is something is to be said for experience in fasting as well as the quality of the treatment and even education there. For instance I wholly recommend and know Dr Doug Grahams fasting retreats are worth every penny as they are a full on education and immersion into hygienic living and fasting with arguable the most experienced and knowledgeable fasting practitioner available. That said The Farm of life offers the most affordable rates, under a quarter of what most people charge with amazing atmosphere, knowledgeable supervision education and lodging. I have been blessed to help facilitate many others on their healing and fasting protocols at The Farm of life gaining both insights and experience. The most common protocol is a month stay with 1.5 – 2 weeks of applying a simple low fat raw vegan flow, often mono meals, followed by 5 – 10 day water fast, finishing with the remaining time re feeding. The re feeding is often the hardest part where supervision really helps in spades, Ive found this out the hard way!! Its been a joy to help others in their process, thanks to you all as well as Brian n Josephine πŸ™‚

If you have fasting experience longer fasts can be arranged with Brian, for the most part fasts of 3 – 10 days are the norm. I am excited that the Farm of Life offers such a amazing service for such a realistic price, this is something everyone should be able to afford. I look forward to more centers and places that offer such services at such prices, in fact I will be part of starting some up, teasers!! πŸ™‚

Barefoot walking deserves a post all by itself, in fact I most probably will do so in the future. Quite simply we are energetic beings, the planet, our mother herself is a part of our energy field, in wearing shoes with rubber soles we effectively dampen our connection to earth energy. We pamper and soften our feet missing the subtle flow of energy always exchanging between us and our surroundings. Earthing or barefoot walking reconnects us to that earth energy revitalizing and energizing our energetic bodies. It also is the best way to get free reflexology, a amazingly beneficial modality. Reflexology is basically the stimulation and clearing of certain points on the feet and hands that correspond with other systems, organs and glands within the body. When these points get stagnated, or rather the organs systems and glands get stagnated they show up on the corresponding points. Barefoot walking, like massage and reflexology, helps break up these deposits moving energy and blood flow to the areas that need it. I can attest to the effectiveness as I have much experience in reflexology in both practice on others and self application. I have found the points and indicators are so accurate as well as helpful its really a blessing to get it free by simply reconnecting with barefoot walking. For much more solid scientific and enlightening information I highly recommend you read the book “Earthing” by Clint Ober, Stephen Sinatra M.D and veteran health writer Martin Zucker, check it out here.

Fasting being very personal and at times emotional I feel really blessed and happy to share these times and experiences with you. Most often you simply see me running around boisterous and giddy laughing and joking, while that’s all fun and sweet I am happy to share more sides of me hopefully helping you with your own process and complexity. Having much to share I took before pictures of myself and eyes to show the changes. I entered this fast with no set amount of days to go for, simply wishing to move in the moment with my intuition and bodily indicators. Allowing up to 3 weeks or so leaving the time frame to my bodies individual needs in the moment. More on this later πŸ™‚

Enjoy some pre fast pics!!!!

Β Whoa that looks funny πŸ™‚



This is just day One!!!

I wanted to also share a early cleansing experience with you!

8 years ago before I went raw I had severe systemic Candida, this was diagnosed by my Naturopath at the time as well as by the symptoms I was experiencing. Not knowing what I do now I followed a anti Candida Diet consisting of no fruit (except granny smith apples) and no fat all raw veggies. Day after day or coleslaw (I don’t know why I didn’t just make big green salads with cucumbers and tomatoes?) sun chokes and granny smith apples nearly drove me to insanity. Special irritating Anti Candida Herbs, lack of calories, dissatisfaction on the program was too much to bear. The plan was to stick to this for 2 weeks then follow a modified program. By day 10 my intestines and bowels hurt, I was grumpy depressed and tired from lack of calories with high digestive demands.

Have you ever try to get all your calories from veggies? I don’t recommend this at all, its impossible as veggies are the lowest calorie foods per bite with the highest fiber not to mention higher protein levels than are healthful. As a species we either need to get the bulk of our calories from carbs, ideally simple carbohydrates, or otherwise fat within which holds many predicable problems. Fat is the real culprit in Candida I have since learnt, every cell in our body runs of of simple carbs or sugars, it doesn’t make sense to limit them. The real protocol is to limit or eliminate fat for a time to increase our bodies ability to utilize and absorb fruit sugars as fat decreases insulin function not to mention cellular oxygenation! Double wammy! For much more on this Check “The 80/10/10 diet” By Dr Douglas Graham Available here on my shop page.

Back to the story, by day 10 as mentioned I had had enough, I was starved gassy and felt terrible. In a near mindless psychosis I ate 10 “power cookies” (those ones with 8 types of nuts, seeds, grains and “natural” sugars, better named power sapping cookies hah) from my workplace at the time, Capers a organic grocer in Vancouver. After the cookies I ate a pint of vegan soy ice cream, I believe a bag of “natural” chips, some vegan pizza, a subway sub and possibly something else, it gets hazy from there. I managed to get back home after consuming a few days worth of food in those 2 – 3 hours and fell into a deep coma like sleep.

When I awoke I couldn’t open my eyes! I had a thick yellow coat of dried ooze covering my eyelids, after peeling this away I opened my blurry eyes and saw in the mirror that I had no whites, only bright red eyes. Freaked out I went to my naturopath. He said that I had overdone it so much that I overwhelmed my regular avenues of detox so my body eliminated through my eyes! Lucky that I didn’t go blind or severely damage my eyes I took this as a powerful lesson. It took a week for my eyes to come back to semi normal and from it I got a dark blotch in the inner corner of each eye something I hope clears with this fast.

Hope you enjoy those photos above.

With this experience and my subsequent learning, “cleanses” that promote irritating herbs and a “war on (this or that)” type vibe I can only say are misinformed of the natural balance and homeostasis attainable only through balanced living. When we support our body with the proper nutrients and lifestyle factors instead of taking the “Anti” this or that approach, intellectually attacking the perceived “enemy, we find our body is much more capable and miraculous than we could ever imagine. Truly the best and quickest way to heal from candida is through fasting as well as a simple low, to no fat raw vegan lifestyle catered to the individual based on his/her particulars and history. This I can attest to after this epic fail then clearing up my candida with easy and joy fully within the first month of going raw on Doug’s 80/10/10 protocol.

Wow this is the longest post ive ever done, if you are down here I hope you really enjoyed it and have gained much insight and knowledge through my experiences. Much much more to come!!!

thousand blessings and much




As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Chris! I’m super grateful to have come over and watched your video and read your post. I’m on Day 4 of a Juice Feast and it was just so refreshing to hear you talk about all these things that I, too, know and love. Already, on day 4, my self-awareness is increased as is my connection with everything around me. So cool that I caught you on Day 1 so I can follow along as you continue to give your honest, raw, updates about your journey. Thank you, Brother! xo

    1. Awww my Pleasure Mona!! Kudos to you in your flow n day 4, enjoy the process as well as those resources πŸ™‚ More to come. Blessings ck

  2. Thanks for your very intimate video; speaking your truth and sharing your healing.

    I am sorry that i won’t be at your Saturday’s raw food potluck, this fine July 9th.

    Love your rawsome attitude and yogi manner ,too.

    Rawstruck regards,


    1. Aww way to kind Katherine!!
      Its the only flow I have come to know,
      speaking what’s true, revealing word by word the true you.
      To more fruitlucks n fun in the sun
      with everyone πŸ™‚
      Rawsomely CK πŸ™‚

  3. Booyakasha! More RAW POWER to you in your cleanse. I love the 811 protocol, so far I’m feeling BETTER THAN EVER! I can feel myself releasing my own candida symptoms without dedriving myself of the food I was DESIGNED to eat… Can’t wait to share it with my buddy who’s been battling serious candida and related issues for years… Woohoo!!

    1. SO so so so so awesome brother!!!
      Its absolutely the best, its amazing the changes that happen so quickly as well as the changes that keep occurring year after year!! Year 7 and I seriously continually am impressed and renewed. Share the flow n watch and feel our vibrations grow πŸ™‚ Yeeeehawww πŸ™‚

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