Chris Kendall RHN 19 Year Raw Vegan on Raw Talks with Skye Conway

I feel blessed to be invited to this Raw Talks Episode with Host Skye Conway as she asks me a ton of big questions many raw foodists have.

I share my experience as a 19+ year raw vegan Registered Holistic Nutritionist, 14 year Raw Vegan Lifestyle Coach, and Raw Food Chef.

Skye is kind to say that my experience & knowledge about raw foods is like no other. In this episode of raw talks, we talk about all things raw, health, and spirit and answer some of your questions.

Skye and I talked about:

* How and why I started eating raw foods

* Healing myself with food & yoga

* The raw food calling

* Mental health, healing, and raw foods

* Food combining

* What I eat now versus when I started

* How I approach those very sick clients when coaching

* Satisfying cravings

* How I look after himself

* Overcoming guilt and shame around food

* Do I take and recommend supplements?

* My thoughts on Vitamin D & B12

* Does raw food help with healing time?

* Pain tolerance and raw foods

* How do I cope with eating raw foods socially?

* Partying and being raw vegan – what do I drink?

Below is a cleaned-up snippet of what Skye and I talked about during this episode of Raw Talks, watch the whole video to get into all of the points above.

Skye: “When you started this journey before going vegetarian, you were suffering from depression. Did that continue at any of the stages? So, it sounds like when you went vegetarian, did it stop?”

Chris: “No, the interesting thing is, in my life, I’ve come to experience that everything goes in cycles. Often, things are really tough, and then they get lighter and lighter, and then they come back. But usually, if you’re moving in a certain direction, each time the cycle returns, it’s lighter and you have more perspective and awareness. People often say, ‘Once a smoker, always a smoker.’ I started smoking in grade four, and I still have occasional thoughts and the mindset. However, I can choose not to act on it. The same applies to depression. If you have depressive tendencies, it’s likely always a part of you. It’s about embracing that shadow side and recognizing it. It’s not something to wallow in anymore. Sometimes feelings from that past experience come up, but they’re less frequent and not seen as ultimate truths. I see them as moments I’m experiencing, and I can introspect to understand why they’re happening. Is there a mindset issue, a physical problem, sleep deprivation, or poor nutrition? Often, it goes back to identity. For me, it started with skateboarding, and when I felt like that was slipping away, I’d get depressed. Over the years, that has popped up a few times, transitioning from the identity of a skateboarder to a raw foodist to a human being, with moments of each popping up in my mind.”

Skye: With people who are healing, how much do you think food plays a part? Because, as you said, you did yoga and reconnected with your love for skateboarding. What role do you believe food plays?”

Chris: “A huge part absolutely, I often call the raw food diet a vortex of positive change. It’s like a spark that ignites holistic transformation in various aspects of our lives, from social connections to emotions to family dynamics. Food serves as the spark that initiates change in all these areas. It’s a practical way to create massive change because we have direct control over what we consume. It’s one of the most potent tools for mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation. It touches everything and is one of the most practical ways to bring about significant change. Simple things like food, sleep, and exercise are foundational for physical well-being. If someone could experience the incredible shift in how they feel when they make positive changes, they’d be motivated to continue.”

Skye: “Indeed, it takes time, experimentation, and building motivation for individuals to discover this for themselves. It’s a process of self-discovery. I’ve faced many battles, and looking back, I feel grateful for them. Do you feel the same about the challenges you’ve faced?”

Chris: “Yes, absolutely, I am grateful for all the battles I’ve faced. I firmly believe perfection is a process, not an end state. Everything we go through is perfect for our expanded awareness and personal growth. Challenges provide us with the grit and motivation to appreciate the ease and flow we can achieve. It’s about taking ownership of what we create and actively being a positive force in our lives. Reaching a point where you can view hardships as positives is liberating. It’s a shift from victimhood to recognizing our role in our experiences and taking responsibility. It’s about honoring your journey and the experiences you choose to embrace. Embracing your unique path and experiences contributes to freedom, connection, and growth. You mentioned the power of walking your own path and being a leader in your own light. It’s about breaking free from following trends and finding strength in forging your unique path. When you can be yourself, you become a beacon of light for others in their dark times.”

Skye: “Yes, I discovered the power of walking my own path and being a leader in my own light. For most of my life, I was a follower, seeking comfort in conformity. But when I found this path, I realized the strength and impact of being true to myself and leading by example, thats a parrt of what Raw Talks is for me.”

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from this episode of Raw Talks with Skye, Check out Her YT Channel Here and give her a Follow on her IG @roar.skye

Watch the whole video to get into all of the points above.

 For More with Skye, enjoy this insightful perspective-shifting deep dive going into her experiences from being bedridden to roaring with raw vitality,

raw talks

So blessed to dive into Skye’s health journey and to see the shifts and changes that she has made and how it has completely transformed her entire life!

This interview goes pretty deep and is full of insights and wisdom that can be a real game changer helping you to raise your raw vitality.

Thanks again Skye, I feel blessed to know and grow with you through this and more Raw Talks!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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