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Happy Day and welcome to my first blog post!

I have Hummed and Hawed about what to kickstart my mailing list with, but in the end know its best to just start 🙂

All too often we get wound up in what’s we imagine is best, thinking what could go wrong, what if its hard, or get so entrenched in the minute details trying to get the perfect start, that we miss the whole point and don’t just put the gears in motion and go!

This is no different from health and fitness goals. How often when considering improving your lifestyle have you thought to your self, well I already had this or that today, so ill wait till tomorrow. haha. Often we have been doing great all day and then have one little cave in and figure the heck with it, I have already blown it, so just shovel on what you have been “craving” after that? After a few false starts many of us figure well I don’t have the will power, and I just like this too much, so next year or month I will really try. The “next time” comes and we find we aren’t in a better position, but all to often in a harder one, as stress and toxicity is accumulative just as wonderfully true as building health and creating a positive attitude and lifestyle is.

Where does this put us? It seems today people put much thought into the future, projecting worry and stress on everything ahead or behind us, while neglecting to be in the current moment. In the moment things really aren’t as hard as we think they will be. Have you ever noticed how we can worry all night or week about going in to work, having a test, or performing a task only to find we can handle it well once we are in the midst of it? Often when we have a really hard time we have built a emotional and mental attachment of worry upon a event which can spark agitation and anxiety. This can leave us with a divided mind, making it hard to really be in the moment. Once the event is over we feel such a release, this really is just the letting go to a degree of the pent up anxiety and emotion we have created in our own mind.

Whats the solution? Im sure it would create stress if I simply said don’t stress 🙂 haha But in reality this is a truth.

Once we realize that stress has very little to offer, at least when we hold it in and focus on it itself, but much when we use it as a motivating force. Stress can be a key indicator telling us to focus on the moment and get done what we know (we often know what we need in the moment, often we just take the easy route or make mental excuses) we need done to be prepared, and in this way can help us with focus in our endeavours. Often this can be a simple as taking a few deep breaths, clearing the mind, and listening to our inner wisdom. Through this we can learn to trust that we can handle anything if we simply stay mindful and approach challenges simply as that, a chance to grow and learn.

Each and every moment is the perfect time to simply start creating the you, and indeed the world you wish to be a part of. Revel in your successes, see and learn from your stumbles then simply release them and move on, no need to mope and hold. That is unless you truly need to do so for your own realization, sometimes we need to feel the cold of the shadow, in order to really feel and appreciate the light and warmth of the sun. It is a wonderful truth that you cant undo your positive actions even with poor actions, its all what you focus on. Its all a process, and a wonderful one at that. One of my favorite things in this life is the knowledge that the more we water our own growth in any way, the more joyful, easy, and natural these actions and thought patterns become. Things we at first have to put effort into, become what we gain the most joy and peace in doing. In looking back we can find ourselves wondering how we didn’t see that avoiding growth and living in stress was much, much harder than the changes and growth actually were themselves.

I hope you have all signed up to my mailing list and “10 Sure Shot Ways to Drastically Improve your Health”, found some insight that you can put to use by simply jumping into, and starting to create a healthier happier you today! Remember to focus on your successes, and to simply acknowledge and learn from your stumbles without dwelling. One step at a time you will get to your goals, direction and focus can indeed be more important than speed, ask the turtle 🙂

to beginnings


P.S:  I would love to hear from you, as this newsletter is truly about you!  Your questions, suggestions, comments and specific needs will shape what I write about and focus on in these posts. I truly wish only to serve you all the best I can in whatever capacity I am able.

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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