How to Cure Boredom in Quarantine

Are you Bored?

Beeing stuck at home can be a challenge for a lot of people, but it doesn’t have to be.

Dive into my top tips and perspective shifts to cure boredom no matter if your a introvert or extrovert.

It doesn’t matter if your in quarantine or simply find yourself with fewer options than your used to, being bored can be a real drag. That is until you learn the secret of preventing and or curing boredom.

I kid you not when I say that I haven’t been bored since I was a teenager, the secret, perspective. Most of the time when someone is bored it is due to the fact that they can not do something specific that they would like to do. Perhaps its raining so they can not go outside and play, maybe there is a pandemic so you can’t hang out with all of your friends. I used to get bored when I couldn’t go skateboarding, these days I am content regardless of there being something or nothing to do.

Truthfully when asked my favourite thing in the world to do is nothing.
That’s right, nothing…

Now that doesn’t necessarily mean my favourite thing is to literally sit and do nothing, even though I do like to just sit and breath quite a bit, but instead it means that Nothing leaves room for anything!

In todays world most people are so busy doing something that when they cant do what they want or when faced with less options than they are used to they can just freeze in apathy. I choose to see a different choice, to shift perspective to see endless opportunity in those moments many would get disjointed and bored. Really when it comes down to it there are limitless options for things to do, it just comes down to choosing something, or nothing, and being present with it.

Now I fully understand that not everyone is a introvert, and many people are shocked when I say that I am primarily introverted, that some of us instead really feel their best and charged up mixing and mingling as a extrovert. In truth all of us are a mix and require balance and counter balance at times, but, we also typically have a predominate state. If you are more extroverted, or if you simply are having a hard time overcoming boredom I will share my 3 tips, or peeling back of the onion layers as they say.

1. When boredom threatens your peace and ease brainstorm any number of things that you can do and simply keep yourself busy. You can reach out to a friend or loved one, take a bath, do exercise, work on a project or journal, there really are endless options.

2. If you want to dig a bit deeper try diving into what your feeling beyond the boredom, that is what needs you have that aren’t being fulfilled. Let’s say you are feeling bored because you cant go out and see your friends, perhaps you are feeling a need for connection, love and excitement. If you are able to slow down and actually connect with the unmet needs and can define what those needs are, your way more likely to figure out a plan to fulfil them in another way.

3. If you want to do some deep work and really dig deeper using this boredom as a powerful healing tool, seek to understand what beliefs you hold that lead you to feel you need to find fulfilment outside of yourself. This is a doozy and can go all the way back to childhood trauma, phycological trauma and our deeper sense of self worth. This can be a opportunity to strengthen ourselves in a way that perhaps we haven’t put focus on, through meditation, journaling, counselling and or coaching.

Either way being bored isn’t a bad thing or something to stress about, in fact I would say its a gift, a gift that can help you come more into contact with your feelings, needs and lead you to the perspectives that really aren’t serving you so that you can let them go and grow!

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