Karuna Unity & The Greatest Show on Earth a Interview with Rosalind Graham

In this live with the amazing Rosalind Graham we dive into the core principles and meaning behind Karuna Unity, the vast importance of connection, compassion and well rounded vegan education in the world today, all leading up to the unfolding of the Greatest Show On Earth, for which you can be a part ?

Always blessed to connect with as well as share the passionate message, vision and call to compassionate action of my heart sister

Rosalind Graham of Karuna Unity??

Website – https://karunaunity.org/ ?

Instagram – https://instagram.com/karunaunityofficial ??

? This is a call to action, a heart song warmly inviting you to the vegan family for which we all belong??

I hope you hear and feel the call, show that you do by following @Karunaunityoffical , joining the family at KarunaUnity.org and learning more about becoming a core member to be a part of the Greatest Show on Earth!?????

If you want to be part of creating a legacy of compassion in action, to hand down to future generations, please contact Rosalind on the contact page of the site or by calling +44 7798761461 if outside UK and 07798761461 if within the UK???

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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