Living the RAW LIFE with Chris Kendall From TheRawAdvantage TIC ep.10

So stoked to connect with with fellow yogi, author, and raw food coach; Robert Breton, for his epic Podcast / Youtube Channel “TheInfiniteCup“!

We had a blast in this podcast / video, going into a wide array of topics with spirituality and our relationship with food as a main theme 🙂

I hope you really enjoy it 🙂

If you would prefer the Podcast to listen while you walk, workout, drive or play, check it out here 🙂

Its always a blessing and pleasure to connect with likeminded inspiring souls who are also connected with passion and loving service to others.

In this fun and open hearted interview we go into the topics of:

My personal journey and awakening to loving service

Our views on spirituality and how it relates to the raw food lifestyle

The purpose and pleasure of passion in our lives

How our relationship with food can, and will, change when we adopt a raw food / plant based diet

Common set backs and set ups on a raw vegan diet

The importance of developing new coping mechanisms with concrete examples

And Much More!

Robert Breton is a super interesting guy with a lot going on, I encourage you to enjoy the interview

the infinite cup podcast with Robert Breton Interviewing chris kendall the raw advantage

subscribe to his podcast, check out more of his videos and his website to learn more.


To growing together in abundance through sharing our passion, love and compassion abundantly! 


As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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