Raw Adventure in Costa Rica!

Many blessings and much love flowing in this time of extra closeness with family.

Its not that the time is special simply that more people take the time to spend it with their loved ones. Imagine if this was always our priority 🙂

Before the video I wish to make a announcement 🙂

To celebrate 1 full year with my “101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes” ebook i have decided to donate 50% of all donations gathered from its flow from the 25th, tomorrow until the end of January. Everyone who donates will be asked to submit their chosen charity, whichever one has the most votes will be the one to get the whole stash. I will post who gets it and how much was raised at that time.

So excited to grow with this, this next month is the time to spread the seeds further, if you know someone who needs to revamp their lifestyle, simply get more fresh foods in or see a different perspective go ahead and forward this to them or simply donate and forward them the ebook. Always feel free to forward anyone my “10 Sure Shot Ways to Drastically Improve your Health” ebook.

Any-who to the vid, bringing you the first few days in Costa Rica before Ka Sundance’s Raw Transformational Retreat! )


The flight into Costa Rica was a long one, I had a all night flight that lead to little sleep. Not the best at sleeping on planes, still felt great to get there n was really excited to explore. My co Chef Melanie Lotos https://melotos.blogspot.com was going to be arriving a little bit later so I took a taxi into San Jose to pick up some food for my breakfast as well as both of our lunch. After asking around for the nearest farmers market with no sucess it seemed the best option was a small supermarket a 5 minute taxi ride away. To my surprise taxi’s are quite expensive in Costa Rica, while groceries amenities and most everything else is low priced taxi’s are on par with LA or more.

At the market I was relieved with lots of fresh local produce for great prices. Most items such as Papaya were about 380 dominical for a kilo, this works to being about 40cents per LB as 1000 Dominical is about 2 us dollars. Great Deals! 3 Big papaya’s 10 banana’s and a watermelon worked out to just over 5 american dollars, pretty good for a breakfast and two lunches!

Once Melanie showed up at the airport we were off, winding up n down the coast toward Dominical. After going through jungle amazing scenes of the ocean as well as a torrential rain we met another taxi in Dominical to take us up to the wonderful farm of Finca de Vida, www.farmoflifecr.com/ translated as “the farm of life”, to meet Brian and Josephine Calvi the owners and hosts of this wonderful place.

A late night introduction, a nice fresh salad made up of the best Kale I have ever had from their green house left us all feeling satiated and at peace in starting the adventure!

Early mornings with the sound of monkeys and a morning view from our cabin that cant be beat, Finca de Vida has amazing cabins equipped with warm showers decks with staggering views and the creature comforts of a fancy feeling cabin. All structures are open air as the feel and humidity is at a very comfortable steady temperature. Melanie, Brian Josephine and I had a few days to get acquainted as well as set up for the retreat making the retreat Menu and shopping list!

A trip to San Isiro farmers Market proved Quite fruitful! Every Thursday all the local farmers sell their wares, everything there is organic as most of the farmers cant afford “cides” anyway with only a few being “certified organic”. We met many a raw fooder and farmer there whom was in tune with the raw or high raw vibes, it was great to see such a community, one I look forward to spending more time with. Most produce was between 300 – 500 colons  per kilo, again 1000 colons is about 2 american dollars, making near everything around 40 cents per pound. The best Pineapples and bananas I had ever had were all for the best deals I have ever had them at. After buying a receem (a whole branch of banana’s) of banana’s and a few hours on the road together we were back at the farm for a nice thanksgiving of Spicy Curry Zucchini Noodles and a Nice Raw fruit Torte.

Its interesting to note as per recommended in “Fit for Life” a book that hugely changed my life over 11 years ago I “deserted deserts”. The thought of eating sweet complex deserts on top of a bunch of other food actually rebells me leaving a sour pit in my stomach. Those raw cheesecakes, pies and chocolates, always high fat with lots of fruit or other sweeteners are a digestive nightmare and have always left me feeling heavy and gross. Instead always preferring to eat whole fruit first to get my carb/sweet fix and not really having any inclination nor desire to Raw/gourmet desserts I left the mastery upto eager Melanie whom not only managed to make tons of amazing Raw deserts of all forms but kept them simpler than most Ive seen. I enjoyed a few for sure but just a bite ahah 🙂 Your the best Mel 🙂

The day before the retreat Josephine Mel and I went into the jungle at the top of Finca de Vida, armed with bananas as monkey bait we searched for the white faced monkeys that were screaming in the distance. At Finca de Vida they actually have 2 large expanses of jungle on their land, chalk full of wild growth not to mention 2 birth springs. Birth springs are simply the spot right where fresh spring water bubbles up from the depths of the earth, some of the best water we can drink. After enjoying the time in the jungle and seeing many wonders (peep the video) we came out at the top of the land by the yoga Platform.

In the afternoon before the retreat Ka Sundance www.kasundance.com/ and his raw food family settled in and together we all got ready for the arrival of the guests! I feel truly blessed to have gotten to know everyone at the retreat as I did, Blessings and thanks to Ka, his family and Brian and Josephine for bringing us all together!

With a rainbow to start the Raw Transformational Retreat, we are set for the next video and start of the journey! 🙂

till next video, enjoy much

PeaceLovenHolidayWarmth  ck

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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  1. Chris, your video is awesome. Say no to Toads! Very funny. Brian had a banana eating contest today with a 13-yr old and beat him 16-14 in 20-minutes. He was boasting beating you one day! We’ll let you know once we post a blog of it 🙂

    1. hahah Thanks Josephine!!! Stoked you guys enjoyed it! 🙂 Oh my!!! i didn’t use any of the banana contest talk nor boasting as we didnt have one, look forward to next time!!! Lets Get it on!!! hahah
      do let me know, n merry merry xmas! 🙂

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