When I was little I used to love “Eat-More” bars?

I hope you enjoy this simple raw vegan version I created, its really similar, healthy and delicious?

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To the Recipe!

Treat-more Bars ( 1100 calories)

?Dates (.75 lb – 345 g)
?Hulled hemp hearts (4 tbsp / 40 g)

Simply pit the dates and process (using a food processor), blend or mash into a semi smooth consistency, slowly roll and mash in the hulled hemp hearts?
Form into bars on wax paper??

You can eat them as is and or refrigerate / freeze for a firmer texture!

Ridiculously delicious and filling, great with celery or as a travel food?

I really love making this recipe with Halawi dates, they are so chewy and delicious, slightly Carmel flavoured, well worth trying❤️
One of the best spots to get them is 7hotdates.com, very high quality fresh organic dates for a really great price?
Use Medjool or Khadrawi if you cant find Halawi?

You can also always substitute mulberries for the hemp if you want to avoid the fat — sweet combo, I find a small mix like this on occasion isn’t a big deal but this isn’t a every day recipe??

For more info on the Fat Sweet Combo

food combining and fat

Check out this video 🙂

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