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Banana Commander Goes to Dr Douglas Grahams “Yoga Health and Fitness Week”

Nearly a year ago I went to Dr Douglas Grahams “Yoga Health and Fitness Week” in Sedro Woolley Washington!!

I had such a amazing time, meeting and making friends, some new some old, creating strong family feeling bonds, learning a ton about proper athletic training and recovery through theory, application and observation. I really cant Recommend Dr Grahams events Highly enough, I consider them to be the Cream of the Crop for sure. Check his 2012 Acro Health and Fitness Week Here!

Hope you love love love it!

Between the amazingly informative fun and funny Lectures Doug Gives, The amazing Fitness Demos, Classes and torture ahahah kidding. Then there was the Recovery time, the Meals the Whole FoodnSport Staff Puts together and the Amazing friendships, feelings and lessons that one can learn and grow with I really cant Recommend this Course highly enough. I consider myself a fitness buff and even still I really really learnt a Ton!! Doug Trains Olympic and Professional Athletes from all types of sports, when you spend a bunch of time with him you can tell why he is world renown.

If I learnt a ton and loved it so so so so much I know you will too!!

Check out much much more about Acro Health and Fitness Week Here!

Bliss u Doug, I had such a amazingly awesome time and learn more than I could have ever Hoped.

You continually motivate and set my sights higher and higher, thanks for being the Lighthouse!!

On another Tip… about Melon Belly 🙂

If you eat melon fast, while under hydrated, really cold, blended and gulped, with other food in your stomach, in poor food combinations, in large quantity while on a high fat diet, or a combination of these factors Watch Out for you could get Melon Belly!!! Don Bennett, a amazing Raw Food Expert n 100% raw foodie for over 20 years, has done some amazing research on Chromium levels and how they relate to Melon Belly, To check out more on that peep his page on Melon Belly at  and also Don Bennett’s Main Educational Resources link 🙂


As Always

Wishing You Much

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