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Thanks Giving/Living at The Instant Zen Pipe and My Food Demo!


I spent Thanksgiving with a rockin’ skateboard session at the pipe I skated for my birthday.  Then had some awesome family time (I always love me some time with the fam!!)

Check out the sweet little video:

We dubbed this spot the Instant Zen Pipe because it is so fast that it brings you right into Zen. Skateboarding has to be my favorite form of meditation, really anything that brings about single minded focus can be used as a meditative tool. Zen masters knew this when they practiced martial arts or yoga. Zen being similar to the Zone, a state of heightened awareness without being stuck on the mental chatter of the mind.

It is one of my all time favorite things I have ever skated, hope you enjoy the session as much as we did… well that’s impossible but hope you enjoy! 🙂

As Always

Wishing You Much

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