Cowboy Mashed Potatoes Recipe | Raw & Vegan

If you are looking for a simple raw vegan recipe that really sticks to your ribs then this is for you!

I hope you really enjoy the video and LOVE this quick, easy super delicious, hearty 5 ingredient

Raw Vegan Cowboy Mashed Potatoes Recipe!

I hope you enjoy the Cowboy Mashed Potatoes Recipe Video,

Full ingredient breakdown, written directions, and referenced video links below 🙂

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Let’s get to the simple low-fat raw vegan recipe!!

This is one of those recipes that sticks to your ribs, a hearty and tasty recipe that most people would be shocked to know was raw after indulging, I hope you really enjoy it!

Cowboy Mashed Potatoes raw vegan recipes the raw advantage

To Make Raw Vegan Cowboy Mashed Potatoes you will Need

Cowboy Mashed Potatoes Recipe the raw advantage

  1. Place the 2 cups of Peas (or sprouted lentils) in a large bowl, you can use fresh or frozen peas, if using frozen defrost first. Store-bought frozen peas are blanched so not 100% raw, but, if you freeze fresh peas and thaw them they taste and feel almost identical. I occasionally have store-bought frozen peas despite the above as I find they digest amazingly and can not tell the difference.
  2. Dice the 9 / 150 grams of mushrooms into dice-sized squares or simple quarters, and if desired dehydrate for 1 hour on 118, once ready place them in the bowl with the peas and mix well. If you want to learn more about raw mushrooms and vitamin D check the post below 🙂
  3. Chop the 690 g / 1.4 lb medium cauliflower into medium chunks and add to your blender, best with a powerful blender with a tamper like the Vitamix (check out some here with FREE Shipping)
  4. Add the 1/4 cup hemp seeds and lemon juice from approximately 1/2 of a lemon, or 1 tsp of juice to the blender and blend at high speeds using the tamper to force the cauliflower into the blades until it’s well blended and either fully smooth or little chunky, your preference.
  5. Pout the “mashed potatoes” over top of the peas and mushrooms, stir well, and…

Yeeeeee Haw, you have Cowboy Mashed Potatoes!

This is a simple base recipe, feel free to swap out the peas or the mushrooms, or add more ingredients to the mix, some great options include, fresh corn kernels, tomatoes, dill, chopped arugula, diced peppers, jalapeno, avocado cubes, green onions, any anything else you can imagine!

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As mentioned above, if you are interested in learning more about mushrooms check out my

Top 4 Ways to Get Vitamin D as a Vegan Here!

top vegan sources of vitamin d

 I hope you enjoy the video and more mushrooms!

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As Always

Wishing You Much

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