How to Grow a Mango Tree from Seed Indoors

Growing plants from seed can be a really fun rewarding and enlivening process. This video shows how to grow a mango tree from seed indoors no matter where you live.

If you are in a tropical climate you could move the tree outdoors after your sapling grows a bit and becomes more hardy. As Mango trees are tropical plants it is unlikley your indoor plant will fruit unless you provide a very deep pot, the best soil specifically for mangoes (I reccomend more research than this video shows, this is a amazing article going deeper) and controled temperatures and lighting / sun exposure. This video goes over the simple steps to get a mango tree growing from seed indoors no matter where you are in the world.
I love Mangos, in fact they are one of my altime favourite fruits especially when one considers versatility, flavour and satiation. (PS – Check out this Video for my Favourite Salad Dressing, Hint it contains Mango) Having eaten a ton of mangos and traveled the world following mango season I cant help but feel connected to the mango tree. While your indoor mango tree may not ever bear fruit a indoor mango tree is still a very beutiful house plant that can add plant variety, great air quality and beauty to your home. Depending on the variety mango trees can grow huge (to 35 m and 15 m across for seedling trees of older varieties). But you can keep a mango tree small by pruning it regularly.

How to Plant A Mango Tree From Seed

It starts at the best place, eating a great tasting mango and deciding that you want to plant it. I have tried many mangos and planted many variteties of mango from seed, I find even hot water treated mangos can sprout and grow, have fun trying many different varieties.
In the video I chose a Pakistani Honey Mango, one of my all time favourite varieties. After eating the mango all the way to the seed clean the seed off with a brush and warm water.

From here you have two options (1 or 2, then follow the rest of the steps)

  1.  Dry the mango seed in the sun for 3 – 7 days depending on the heat and consistency of the sun, otherwise place in a dehydrator for 36 hours at 115. If you use this option skip step 2 and 3 and go straight to planting.
  2.  Stirate the shell (cut strips into the seed casing so water can get inside) or carefully break the seed casing /shell and carefully remove the inner seed.
  3.  Place and then wrap the seed in a slightly damp paper towel, place the wrapped seed in a ziplock bag leaving one corner slightly open. Place in a dark warm place (on top of fridge) and forget for 1 week. At the end of the week it should have a nice little sprout, if its moldy try again.
  4. Select a well draining deep pot and fill with loose soil made up of one of, or a mix of soil from your yard / potting mix / compost. Allow to come to room temperature, mangos like it warm.
  5. Dig a 6 inch deep hole and place the sprouted mango seed stem side up (largest part of the seed) and loosely cover with a few inches of soil.
  6. Water regularly but do not keep them soaked, mango trees like alternating wet and dry conditions.
  7. Watch your mango tree grow, place in bright but not direct sunlight. Once the plant starts to grow, give it as much light as possible, including moving it outside if warm enough.?

I hope you have fun spouting and planting mango trees from seed, I know I have and only plan to continue planting and growing other fruit trees from seed. Imagine what would happen if everyone grew a few fruit trees from seed themselves, indoor plants, outdoor plants, fruiting trees and otherwise. It all starts with us, if we want to see a greener, more fruitful future for the youth its time to start planting tree’s today!

Check out this even more detailed post by Kevin from for more!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you want to see more like it!


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