Last days with the Wells

Good day, and welcome to video blog 14 featuring my last days with the Wells
I hope you enjoy it!

Todays blog starts with 2 early morning starts to downtown LA for some skateboard action.

Cruising around getting a few tricks as well as a good slam. It’s funny it doesn’t look like too hard of a fall but I got wrecked, my foot is very swollen and on day 3 I still cannot put weight on it.
On one of the mornings I went to the LA Wholesale Produce Market and picked up 2 big jackfruits. They had them there for .99 cents an lb, 35 lb worth was $34.65! We open on up at the Wells house, Jack didn’t want to try it out, but sure liked the smell! Jackfruit is the biggest fruit that grows and can get up to 100 lb. In the countries where they are grown (most tropical zones) the whole fruit is used. The pulp is for food, the seeds are often boiled and taste like potatoes, and the natural latex surrounding the pods has been used for glue and to patch and waterproof boats and other textiles.

I just met a new friend named Kat, she is a graphic designer that I feel blessed to be now working with 🙂

We went out for a sweet picnic while people watching on Hollywood Blvd! We enjoyed jackfruit cherimoya and baby bananas while we watched Snoopy from Peanuts dance on the stars 🙂
The end of my last evening In LA was enjoyed with Kat and another new friend Ben, with a simple salad of romaine, celery, cucumber noodles, tomatoes, and a thick dressing of tomato mango celery. mmmmmm.
I hope you enjoyed my last days with the wells as much as I did.

As Always Wishing you Much
Peacelovenseasonalfruit ck

As Always

Wishing You Much

PeaceLovenSeasonalFruit ck

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