Raw Vegan Pregnancy tips with Yulia from Rawsome Healthy!

Today’s post covers the hugely important topic of Raw Vegan Pregnancy and childbirth. Both raw vegan pregnancy and vegan pregnancy are hot topics, a topic that has a lot of misinformation and fear surrounding it.
Join Raw Vegan Mom and Expert Yulia Tarbath as she gives her top tips to thrive through your Raw Vegan Pregnancy right into a healthy Natural Childbirth!

While I was at the Fresh Food Festival in Denmark this summer, I had the amazing opportunity to chat with Yulia Tarbath from RawsomeHealthy.com.  Yulia and her husband, Paul Tarbath are Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaches, fruitarian raw vegans, authors, international health speakers, parents and huge fruit and fitness lovers.

Yulia shared lots of great tips for maintaining a super strong and healthy raw vegan pregnancy and how to carry that over into labor and childbirth.

Raw pregnancy, childbirth and parenting should begin well before (6 months or more ideally) you find out that you’re expecting a bouncing bundle of joy.  It’s really important to get yourself, (and your partner) ready and accustomed to the raw lifestyle before the pregnancy.  Yulia also recommends getting yourself as physically fit as possible as well – cardio, strength training and stretching will REALLY help you stay fit and active before, during and after the pregnancy.

As for during the raw vegan pregnancy, be sure to eat lots of leafy greens.  This will help to make sure you’re getting that super important nutrient – folic acid.  Yulia also recommends a B12 supplement during vegan pregnancy.  Beyond that stay active, and allow yourself to eat PLENTY of fruits and vegetables (don’t limit yourself during pregnancy, if you’re hungry – EAT).

Here comes the big day!!!

Are you ready for labor and childbirth?

Go into this time with an open and loving mindset.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if things don’t go as you expected.  Labor might be long and hard or it might be quick and easy.  Each person, each pregnancy is different.  The key is to carry your habits from pregnancy right on through the labor.  That’s right, take care of yourself and be sure to make sure you are eating and drinking enough to keep yourself fueled and hydrated.  Labor is like a marathon, don’t leave yourself running on empty!

Want more tips from Yulia? 

Be sure to check out her website: rawsomehealthy.com and YouTube Channel for lots of great articles, tips, menu plans, coaching and more!

Special Thanks to Yuliya, Paul and Elanie for being the bright light’s they are, was such a pleasure to connect at the Fresh Food Festival and I am excited for more!!

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