Secrets of the Durian Industry with Lindsay @YearoftheDurian

Very few people know Durian, the durian industry, and its secrets as well as Lindsay aka @yearofthedurian, in this fun chat, we dive deep into the wonder that is Durian, dispel myths and bring the Durian mafia and the Secrets of the Durian Industry to the light!

Thanks so much to Lindsay and Richard for sharing this time with us and exposing the Secrets of the Durian Industry.

While filming this video Lindsay and Richard were in the middle of a Durian Retreat in Thailand, they offer the most amazing durian adventures as well as offer the best mail-order durian in the world! Bonafide durian lovers and hunters they have been traveling the world for over a decade learning from multigenerational farmers, enthusiasts, and fellow durian lovers. In their search, they have found some unsavory truths about the durian trade and go into some of those secrets of the durian industry in this video.

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Secrets of the Durian Industry

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I am SO excited to join them on one of their future retreats and really recommend you give them a follow and check out their retreats and mail order durian!

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