30 Years Raw with Sherylea of The Holistic Healer Podcast

Blessed to share this amazing interview that I did with Sherylea Hurst of the Holistic Healer Podcast.

In this interview go into her nearly 30 years of experience with the raw vegan lifestyle, we dive into her challenges with body image and self-identity as a fitness and bodybuilding competitor, as well as her biggest tips for success and inner peace with raw foods.

Check out the recent interview that we did on her Youtube Channel going into the Importance of Transition on a Raw Food Lifestyle and more!

The Holistic Healer Podcast is dedicated to Holistic Health, the way Nature Intended. Incorporating Natural Hygiene principles through proper nutrition, exercise, breathing, sunshine, emotional well-being, sleep, and more. Follow Sherylea to check out all of her amazing interviews on her podcast, Youtube, Instagram, and more!

Below is just a short excerpt from this powerful interview, be sure to listen to the whole chat for more!

Blessings and Welcome Sherylea, for those who do not know you and about the Holistic Healer Podcast can you share a bit?

For sure, Okay, so about 30 years ago, in my early 20s, I was what you might just call a “gym rat.” I got my first gym membership at just 13 years old by trading vacuuming and cleaning for a membership. So you could really say I was introduced to the gym life early on. I was really into fitness, and my diet was all about what they call the “Bro diet” – protein powder, tuna, brown rice, you name it.

Then, in my early 20s, I met my first husband, who happened to be a raw foodist and a hardcore water faster. I had never heard of this before, and it intrigued and scared me at the same time. But I wanted to impress him, so I decided to go all-in on the raw food lifestyle overnight. It was a big change, and at first, I was excited. But after a few weeks, I started getting massive withdrawals and intense cravings for my old carb-heavy favorites. I couldn’t resist sneaking off for some comfort food, but I kept it a secret.

Despite the challenges, I stuck with the raw food lifestyle, and it completely transformed my life. I even enrolled in a natural hygiene institute to learn more. I got pregnant three times in quick succession, and all of my pregnancies and the raising of my children were done on a high raw diet. I used the dehydrator a lot to make things interesting for my kids.

But things took a turn when I decided to compete in bodybuilding competitions. I switched to a competitor’s diet, and it made me really sick. I competed in three competitions but felt worse and worse each time. I hit a breaking point after the last one when I passed out a few times due to extreme calorie restriction. Years later, during my divorce, I realized I had strayed far from what I learned about natural hygiene and rediscovered my passion for the raw food lifestyle, and it continues to be a significant part of my life.

So, I made a quick decision to go back to my raw food lifestyle. I attended a raw food camp, and Doug Graham’s talks resonated with me. I got back on track, ran a half marathon, and started feeling amazing again. I even started a consulting practice as a holistic healer to help others with natural hygiene and raw food. It’s been an incredible journey, filled with ups and downs, but embracing raw veganism has brought me vitality, health, and a deep connection with my body and the world around me.

I hope you find the entire interview insightful and helpful in your own journey, be sure to check out more from Sherylea here and to watch/listen to the interview we did on her Holistic Healer channel on the importance of transitioning to a raw diet!

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