The Best Raw Vegan Sprout Mix with Victoria @Rawveganse

Get to know Victoria Vesterlund @rawveganse and learn how to easily grow the best raw vegan sprout mix on your countertop in just 1.5 days!

In this fun interview Victoria shares her path to raw foods living in Sweden and how its helped her heal from past sports injuries and skin issues thus leading her to higher levels of health as well as a greater connection to herself and her environment??

We go into her inspiration for her book “The Spice of Life” low fat raw ethnic dishes from around the world, as well as the ways she has found balance eating raw in Sweden and while traveling ??

Check out “The Spice of Life”

the spice of life indian raw food favourites

as well as her BRAND NEW “Indian Raw Food Favourites” Here

We then go into wild edibles, foraging and a whole bunch of tips for sustaining and maintaining a raw vegan lifestyle in Sweden as well as when traveling. We finish the interview with Victoria sharing her favourite hearty sprout mix and how to easily make it at home or on the road!

Here are the time stamps in case you want to jump ahead to any specific part of the interview.

1:00 Victoria Shares her Healing Story with Raw Food

11:30 Going into “The Spice of Life” and her Inspiration for Writing it

15:20 Raw Food and living as a raw foodist in Sweden

17:50 Foraging for wild edibles and Victoria’s Favourites

21:50 Victorias Trick for getting used to bitter greens

29:30 Raw food and traveling

38:30 Flavour pairing tips

41:15 The best raw vegan sprout mix

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Some simple tips and instructions for the

Victoria Sprout Mix min

Best Raw Vegan Sprout Mix by Victoria Vesterlund!

1/3 cup Raw Sunflower Seeds (without shell)

1/3 cup Lentils (green, black, brown, french)

1/3 cup Mung Beans

You can really do any amount you wish simply by keeping the 1/3 ratio or one part of each equal between all 3 ingredients. Victoria uses a simple plastic container that is 3-4 times bigger than the dry amount fills to make room for the soaking and sprouting. Early in the morning when you wake up place each ingredient in the container, rinse with water, and then fill to cover with double the amount of water compared to the sprout mixture. Let sit all day, in the evening before bed drain the water completely (it’s great for watering plants), rinse, and let sit on the counter overnight. the next morning rinse and let sit all day. The sprouts will be ready to eat for dinner that day or if you prefer you can rinse again before bed and let grow another 12 – 24 hours or to your desired sprout size.

This simple and delicious sprout mix is loaded with nutrition, costs a fraction of any greens or veggies you can get at the store, and goes great on top of almost any dish. If you are looking for the freshest living foods you can get then sprouts are the ticket, rich in easily absorbed amino acids, omegas and simple carbs, this sprout mix is sure to satisfy. Victoria mentions she enjoys it as a great snack or travel food. A cool travel and or hiking hack that Victoria mentioned is to mix this sprout mix with some raisins for a living raw trail mix!

I hope you really enjoy the interview, that you try out this amazing raw vegan sprout mix (it really is the best raw vegan sprout mix IMHO too) and that you check out more from Victoria in the links above!

As always

Wishing you Much 

As Always

Wishing You Much

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