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The Raw Food Diet Takes Too Much Time with Dr Graham

Enjoy Video 7 of 7 in the Series “I Can’t Do 80/10/10 Because” with Dr. Douglas Graham.

This time “The Raw Food Diet Takes Too Much Time” with the author himself, Dr. Douglas Graham.

I feel really blessed to be sharing these videos with Dr. Graham, all are listed and linked below, and hope that they help you apply the mindset shifts, habits, and practices to thrive on the 80/10/10 diet!

In 2006 Dr. Douglas Graham released “The 80/10/10 Diet”, a book widely considered to be the raw food bible. His ability to take complex nutritional subjects and present them with just the right dose of common sense, humor, and science is unparalleled. A 40+ year raw foodist himself, trainer of elite athletes, fasting practitioner, keynote speaker, fitness instructor, and more.

If you haven’t read the 80/10/10 diet I highly recommend it as the best book on diet and nutrition out there!

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Topics Discussed with Timestamps

1:00 – Posing the question The Raw Food Diet Takes Too Much Time

1:20 – Dissecting the Question The Raw Food Diet Takes Too Much Time

3:00 – Comparing various approaches

3:40 – Instantaneous food

4:30 – Fancier raw food prep

5:40 – If I had a raw food chef make food for me

6:40 – Does it take too long to eat raw food

10:00 – My experience eating raw food as a beginner to now

10:50 – Digestive changes over time

11:30 – Other factors in digestion

13:05 – I can’t digest raw food

14:05 – Food prep tips

16:00 – Salivary digestive enzymes

19:00 – Prep time with whole foods

20:30 – the 5-5-5 rule expanded

22:10 – Mono meals and stimulation addiction

23:00 – The secret

24:00 – 8000 calories a day

28:00 – Digestion of fruit

28:40 – Slow eaters

29:30 – Enjoyment and satiation of large volumes of food

31:00 – The Raw Food Diet Takes Too Much Time Debunked

31:30 – Main tips in a nutshell

33:15 – Practice makes perfect again and again

34:10 – How under-ripe fruit and high-fat diets fit in

35:40 – 80/10/10 certified coach online program

Enjoy this Partial Transcript from “The Raw Food Diet Takes Too Much Time”, Be sure to watch the whole video for more!

Chris: I have a fun topic for us today. One that I hear occasionally, not as common as some others in the series, which I recommend everyone checks out in the links below, this one is seven of seven. But what I’ve heard some people say is that they just can’t do 80/10/10 because they don’t have the time. That the raw food diet takes too much time and it takes too long to eat. What do you think about this?

Dr. Graham: Food takes up time. Food definitely takes up time. I don’t take a lot of time to shop. Maybe that’s because I’m organized about it, but I’ve done it before. But everybody’s got to shop, so I don’t think they’re really talking about the procurement of food. I mean, it takes me more time to get to the store than it does in the store, actually. I have to drive a little further to get to the store I want. I want that’ll have what I want, but then I just take a case of this and a case of that and go home. So I don’t think you’re talking about that.

Dr. Graham: Raw food prep, when you’re a beginner, raw food prep can be a slow process. I’ve seen people who are really slow in the kitchen with their kitchen skills. Are slow. And, as you know, I teach culinary skills, and part of that process is timing. I know you were there, and you were a great chef before you got there, but part of that is learning how much time does it take to make because you don’t want to be having a party for 10 people and have the food come out six hours late. You know, that would be bad. And I’ve seen that happen. I won’t name names, but I’ve seen it happen at a very high level. And six o’clock dinner was served at 11 o’clock at night. Man, that’s rough. Yeah, that’s rough. Yeah, for a lot of people, like 80 people.

Chris: Wow, that’s rough, really rough.

Dr. Graham: Can I say it was worth waiting for? May, another story. So kitchen time. I think that’s a matter of how elaborate do you want to get, right? Because to drive to a fast food restaurant even takes a little time. Having food delivered is a bit quicker, you know, but still, there’s the wait while you wait for the food that you just called to have it delivered to your door. But when I walk into my kitchen and I see grapes, I eat grapes. It’s instantaneous. It takes you a moment to peel a banana, but it’s pretty instantaneous prep. Prep can be instantaneous. You see food, you eat it. You can just, you know, right?

Dr. Graham: But you could be very elaborate, and you could take 4 hours to make something spectacular for one person and eight hours to make it for two people. And again, I don’t think that the gist of the question is that prep time takes too long because it could, you know if you want to. But we can at least evaluate prep time. I know how much prep time to allow for each thing that I’m going to make because I’ve made it before, and I know if I’m like last night’s food prep just for dinner, there were five different items.

Chris: And you turn it out, Doug. You really turn it out. It’s I love being served by you. It’s the best.

Dr. Graham: Oh, bless, especially as a chef. Thank you so much. But it still didn’t take much time. Yeah, it really didn’t take me a long time. I think maybe just over an hour to make five different things for four people for dinner. So anyway, I don’t think we’re talking about prep because prep time is up to the individual’s choice, from instantaneous to as long as you want.

Chris: But, you know, Doug, I tell you, probably just as common as this, I have people I’ve had people say, “I would be a raw foodist if I had a chef making the food for me,” you know, like which is kind of on the same lines, right?

Dr. Graham: And it would be nice to have somebody else chop your lettuce for you, like, come on, no somebody else. Oh, I need somebody to flip the switch on my blender for me because I’m, I don’t have the energy. I don’t mean to sound condescending. Yes, it would be very nice, yeah, I need to have somebody else do it for me. I would clean my house except I need somebody to do it for me. I would brush my teeth, but I really need somebody to do it for me. You know, and they, it definitely falls under the heading I would say of excuses rather than reasons.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely, absolutely.

Dr. Graham: But food prep, food prep in a cooked food world or any other world, that’s still a consideration. So what we’re getting down to is, raw food takes a long time to eat, is what they’re saying. It just takes a long time to eat. Your preface was this isn’t so common, but I would say this is exceptionally common. I’ve run across this a lot. I meet a lot of people who tell me that it takes them 15 minutes to eat a banana.

Chris: Wow,

Dr. Graham: yeah, and I may have a hard time believing them, but I have a hard time understanding. I’ve asked a bunch of people how long does it take to eat a banana? I’ve asked a bunch of people how many bites in a banana, you know, how many?  My mom used to tell me to slow down when I ate. Yeah, I used to tell her to speed up, like who knows how fast you’re supposed to eat? How fast are you supposed to eat? Are we supposed to be contemplative when we eat?

Chris: I remember in my first year of being raw, maybe it was my first year or two of being raw. If I made, let’s say, a near two-liter smoothie because that’s what I always just thought was like, that’s, you know, it’s a full blender, right? It used to take me about an hour or a bit more to drink that 2-liter smoothie, and what would happen is I would just feel too sweeted out, so I’d need to take a break kind of between. Now I can down a smoothie of that size in 10 minutes and digest it perfectly, and I can just eat bananas from the hand about the same as what you’re saying as well. My thought is that it might have something to do with insulin resistance or getting used to being able to digest that quantity of food. In the first few weeks, months, and years, do you have any thoughts around that or why that might happen?

Dr. Graham: For sure, there’s your digestive capacity, so we’re talking about your own vitality. We’re talking about your microbial, if the new word these days, the biome, right? And we’re talking about the microbial assistance of digesting your food. Getting used to it is part of it because it feels different to drink a smoothie than it did to eat a sandwich or something, and it all takes a little bit different chemistry. It also activity levels and restedness levels and other, the vitality of the gut itself to perform its functions. As your health improves, your vitality improves, so does that of your digestive system.

For Many more tips to help combat the thought “The Raw Food Diet Takes Too Much Time” and much more be sure to watch the whole video!

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I hope you enjoy this video series with Dr. Douglas Graham and that these videos help you overcome common challenges and perspectives as a Raw Vegan!

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