The Secret to Eating More Sweet Fruit

The Secret to Eating More Sweet Fruit???

Over the years I have heard some people say that they have a hard time eating enough fruit, and sweet fruit in particular to meet their caloric needs. Getting enough calories on a low-fat fruit-based raw food diet can be hard for people at first and in fact, this is one of the most common reasons that people may falter on the raw lifestyle and make other less optimal food choices. Aiming to get the bulk of one’s calories from fruit can be challenging and while eating meals of sweet fruit can make getting enough calories easier and is really a huge key for higher levels of energy and success on a raw food diet, some people find that hard as well and come to feel “sweeted out” or simply put that they have had too much sweet and don’t want any more.

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A little Hot Raw Tip for ya to eat more Sweet Fruit?

When you’re eating a sweet meal and it just starts to feel like you’re getting sweeted out and you can’t eat anymore…

Have some celery or any young tender leafy green you enjoy!??

By having some celery on the side every time you eat sweet fruit you can create balance by simply taking a bite…

Celery is so juicy and so salty, it slows down digestion and absorption just a little bit, and Boom?

You will be back at enjoying the sweet meal and have a heck of a lot easier and tastier time eating until fully satiated??

I have found that eating some greens with sweet fruit meals can really be a game changer?

As your body adjusts and adapts over time you may find you don’t need to add the greens to get enough calories, but it’s still really dang nice and tasty to add in anyhow?

I hope you find this tip really helpful to help you enjoy eating more sweet fruit, that really is the ticket, enjoying every bite!

Some of the other main reasons that some people have trouble eating adequate quantities of sweet fruit include:

  1. If someone is new to the lifestyle and not used to eating large amounts of high water content, high volume food,
  2. If they are dehydrated and do not drink water before eating sweet fruit, this is because it requires a certain level of hydration to efficiently metabolize fruit sugar without creating higher-than-ideal levels of blood sugar.
  3. If the individual is significantly overweight, being overweight contributes to poor insulin function and is often implicated in insulin resistance as well as increases the risk of diabetes.
  4. If one habitually eats a significant amount of higher-fat foods such as oils, nuts, seeds, avocados, or animal products as this too contributes to poor insulin function as well as the other chronic conditions above.
  5. If one is lethargic and does not do any form of exercise, exercise is relative to the individual’s fitness levels and any amount before eating a big meal of sweet fruit can vastly improve insulin function.
  6. If one routinely gets less than 7-8 hours of quality sleep per night. It has been clinically shown that getting 5 hours or less of sleep, even for 1 single night, can vastly affect insulin function even leading to blood test markers suggesting prediabetes.

The first line of defense is to improve insulin function so that you can more easily enjoy eating larger amounts of sweet fruit. The trick to this is to reduce the overall fat content of the diet, including overt and covert fat, to 10% or less of total calories, ideally removing all animal products and certainly removing all oils. I highly recommend reading “The 80/10/10 Diet” by Dr. Douglas Graham of if you haven’t. The 80/10/10 Diet really outlines what I believe to be the optimal application of a healthy fruit-based raw diet with experience, common sense, and science. The second is to be sure you are hydrated before eating sweet fruit and do so on an empty stomach after some form of activity to create demand. And this brings us to today’s secret hot tip to eat more sweet fruit…

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