Thriving on a Unconventional Lifestyle

Kate Flowers has lived and thrived on what many would consider a unconventional lifestyle in more than a few ways for a long time. Many of us have a hard time living in a way that feels against society or like we are swimming up stream.  I sat down with Kate at the Woodstock Fruit Festival this summer and chatted with her to get her perspectives, tips and advice on how to rock an unconventional lifestyle with style and grace!

No matter what our life choices are we are going to encounter people that support us and those that don’t.  As Kate shares, one of the huge keys to working through that is understanding that we will never please 100% of people 100% of the time.  Instead, be true to yourself, love yourself and surround yourself with those that love and support you!

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If you missed it, I put Kate to the firing line last week.  You can check out that video here:
Kate & the Firing Line

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