So often in the nutritional community and mainstream the phrase “we are all so different” comes up to justify or avoid disagreement upon different dietary approaches. In this video I go into this line of thought with honesty and critical thinking.

Now I won’t lie, I have heard this phrase “We are all so different” so many times for such ridiculously non factual reasons it simply makes me shake my head and laugh. I used to actually get a bit tweaked from it, especially when so called health practitioners use it, but now I am simply dumbfounded by the lack of knowledge and insight into nature, physiology and anatomy.

Now I do want to start off with the preamble, I 100% acknowledge that people have preferences and opinions, that no diet is intrinsically “Right” “Wrong” or “Better” than another unless we start specifing to a specific moral value, measure or purpose, such as optical health. I also aknowldge that one can have a rare genetic condition or physiologically seem to have short term dietary needs based on their personal history and current dietary approach, that said, when the tenets of natural hygiene and holistic health are employed balanced health and physiology is the result.

I have heard people say, ‘I can’t eat fruit” while another says “I need a lot of meat” or “I am a protein person and just need more” while they all end the conversation with, “Well we are all just so different”. To me this is a conscious or unconscious cop out, a way to self justify and avoid any conflict in a arena that is made to be as confusing and unstable as possible in the mainstream realm. In other words in the mainstream and even in college level nutritional classes the subject of nutrition is made to seem so individual and confusing that anyone can justify their approach with the words “We are all so different”… Lets really look at this though.

In the scentific field of Comparative Physiology we recognize that species of the same family thrive on similar diets. Take “equine”, the family that horses, donkeys and zebras all belong to, they all thrive on similar diets and are classified as herbivores. Herbivores are designed to consume plant life including grasses, fruits, herbs, bark and flowers. Understanding a family species specific diet helps us come to know on a greater scale what the body requires to thrive in alignment with natures design. When we look at the animals we are the closet related to, the bonobo at 99.3% – 99.7% shared DNA, we see that their dietary nature is classified as “Frugivore” meaning the bulk of their diet is made up of Fruit and tender greens, herbs, flowers, vegetables and shoots. We can look at our anatomy along side other dietary classes and see very clearly what we are designed for as in the chart below and NO we are not Omnivores ahahah.

Comparative Anatomy physiology

Sure one can do reasonably well on a large number of dietary approaches, we are a very adaptable species, but,  we can not escape the results of such choices. Eskimos, as a example have lived primarily off of fat from fish and other animals for a very long period of time, they also have some of the earliest deaths and highest rates of heart disease, showing as one example that adaptation doesn’t take us way from our species specific diet. Some would argue that due to our adaptation to certain foods, i.e. some grains, cooked foods, and our resultant higher amount of salivary amylase, that we are now designed to eat cooked starchy foods; to this I would ask, even if we have adapted to eat foods that were not originally natural for us, does that mean we have moved away from our original diet?

I think not. More specifically on this on a future post btw.

Truthfully things are simplified when we look back to nature, when we get out of our heads and come to see the bigger picture and perfection of natures design. Mother nature didn’t get it wrong, people like to be seen as hyper intellectual and try to improve on her design but this is more than often to their detriment. There is a saying “You can’t break the rules of nature, they break you”, that is quite interesting. The mainstream likes to confuse things to keep people off balance, to lower the status quo of health and keep people sick, tied up to their troubles and easier to market, sell and lie to. Do not be fooled, the medical system is a industry tied closely to the food and drug industry, the Bermuda triangle of manage and maintain sickness care, multi billion dollar industries. Not everyone within such industries in knowingly contributing to this reality, and yet the reality is still there.

This is a big part of why I do what I do, why I live breathe and promote a simple raw food diet, a holistically applied frugivorus approach. I have seen so many incurable conditions, people at the end of their rope with diabetes, heart disease, all numbers of cancers, MS, arthritis, digestive ailments, seizures, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, candida and so many others self heal with a properly applied raw food diet. I am not saying all of this to make anyone else wrong rather to shed light on physiological and anatomical truths that can help us all come to higher levels of health and disease prevention.
The next time someone says “We are all So Different” you can ask them, “Are we really”?

Start a kind compassionate conversation, share your understanding of comparative physiology and anatomy, the points above. Its my hope that people simply become more aware of their choices and own them rather than trying to justify themselves with nonsensical claims. Its with understanding and a experience that the biggest shifts happen.

I hope you enjoyed this post, been one on my mind for a while! Please share any thoughts, comments or topics you wish me to branch off on with this.

Wishing you Much

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