101 Frickin’ Rawsome Recipes Presents Banana Fennel “Rice” Pudding!

Sharing a Simple and Delicious Low Fat Raw Recipe!!

Enjoy Banana Fennel “Rice” Pudding

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Enjoy the the recipe:

Banana Fennel “Rice” Pudding

4 bananas (1 lb / 460 g)
fennel (.25 lb / 115 g)
2 dates or 2 dried figs (pre soak 1 – 4 hours) (.1 lb /45 g)

Shred or grate fennel, blend banana with dates or figs with just enough soak water to reach a thick pudding consistency. Mix with finely shredded fennel.

Yum! (615 Cal.)

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  1. Hello, Thank you so much for the awesome site.  I was searching around for info on what you would normally eat in a day…some sample menus.  Do you have that on here?



    1. More than my pleasure!! 🙂

      For sure i have many videos up sharing what I eat in a day, will do more 🙂
      In my 101 frickin rawsome recipes ebook there is a week long sample menu too.
      A really normal day would be Something sweet and juicy for breakfast (melons / mangos) all i care for Something more dense for lunch (bananas, Figs, Grapes, Date smoothie) and for dinner all the acid or subacid fruit i want followed by greens or a simple veggie meal., Often i will have 2 meals, 1 big banana and one big mango/tomato/greens meal 🙂

      It really fluctuates. Hope this helps.. PS if u want individual coaching I offer this by donation 🙂

  2. Find what works for you! Seems to be the thing right now – feeling this way. I just bloeggd about it and then saw it on Multitesting mommy’s blog. So join us in being good to yourself! The key, I think, is figuring out what floats your boat. Do you like to exercise? If not, you need something fun or at least enjoyable – maybe a yoga video/class or bellydancing or ??? instead of pushing yourself into a gym you hate. Walk with a buddy and visit while you work out.and for the lifestyle change to be complete – how do you eat. I love weight watchers, but one has to choose what makes one motivated. Maybe it’s atkins or southbeach or WW online, Spark people or ??? Research it and find something that leaves you satisfied. it’s not a diet, a temporary thing until you reach a goal – love yourself enough to make it permanent – something you do because it works so well for your life. Good for you for saying you want to change, to be there for your daughter and especially for yourself. You have to be number one in your world to take care of everyone else. you can do it!

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