Kendall Bites, Skateboarding in Costa Rica n Travel Tips!

Got a really Fun n sweet Kendall Bite for you today!!!

Oh Oh my, While I just just got back home to my Family in Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada, This Nibble Takes you back to Wednesday and Thursday in San Jose Costa Rica!

Packed with some skateboarding action, a natural raw Sports Drink to fuel my Raw Athlete Activity, a Museum tour  as well as some Travel Tips for Vegans and Raw Vegans. These simple tips can help any vegan or raw vegan while exercising or traveling.

I hope you love it!!

Well well well, we Start off First with a awesome skateboard session with my good Friend Fredo!! I met Fredo via Couch Surfing  last year, now every time I go to Costa Rica I make it a habit to Hang out, enjoy time n skate! Thanks again Fredo for your generosity and hospitality, I had a Blast!! So back to the skateboarding, I consider myself a Raw Athlete ahah a Raw Vegan Athlete. There are many Vegan Athletes, a Growing number of Raw Vegan Athletes, and even a fair Number of Vegan Skateboarders, but not a Ton of Raw Vegan Skateboarders. All the Same that Number is Growing, Look out more raw vegan skateboarders a Coming!

I am excited to consult with more skateboarders with my Raw Food Lifestyle coaching, both in person/online 1 on 1 mentoring and as a Full time Live In Raw Lifestyle Coach.

In 2010 I Stayed with Professional Skateboarder Steve Berra, Co creator of The Berrics, and flowed as his full time Live In Raw Food Lifestyle Coach for 8 months. Check the First Blog about that Here. During that time I also Got the Opportunity to Help PJ Ladd and Jim Greco both with Diet and Lifestyle aspects such as Yoga sunshine and many other holistic habits. Here is a Blog post with a Sk8 video I am in from The Berrics Web site!!

Wow off on a Tangent!! While skating at Arena Skate Park in San Jose I used a simple Raw Sports Drink Recipe that I love love love. You can make a number of different Natural Sports Drinks that are Vegan, Raw and tasty as can be. Filled with simple sugars, minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and if desired natural sodium, these can be the simplest, least expensive and best sports drinks around!

I like to mix it up, often using Dates, Rasins, figs even some herbs, its fun to try different combinations.

This Time I made my Raw Sports Drink out of Fresh Spring Water, Rasins and Natrual Dried Apricots. Thats it!!

Best Natural Sports Drink! It tastes like Sweet Apricot Tea!

1/2 Cup Natural Raisins (no oil or sulphites added, preferably organic)

4- 6 Dried Apricots (no sulphur or sulphites added, should be brownish)

750 ml – 1 liter Water

(1 stick Celery, cut up, blended or juiced) Optional

Simply Pour the raisins and apricots (you may want to dice the apricots) in your Water bottle (minimum 500ml, up to 1 litre) fill with Water and wait 1 1/2 – 4 hours!! The longer you wait (up to 8 hours) the more of the natural sugars in the fruit will be pulled into the water by osmosis. If you wish to add some organic sodium simply add some Celery Juice (1 – 2 stalks is tons), or blend a stick of celery with the water before hand or simply add a few chunks into the water. Sip after 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours of Activity to help keep blood glucose and glycogen levels up. This simple sports drink can help you perform longer, better and recover twice as fast. (Aprox. 235 – 300 calories)

From there to simple tips for traveling as a Raw Vegan. It can be tricky going to the airport or traveling for days as a vegan or as a raw vegan, while airports are stocking more options it still can be a challenge. I have found most countries allow you to travel with banana’s even over international border lines. If you Declare all fruit and talk to the border officials about this they will often allow you to bring your banana’s with you or even other fruit if you plan to eat it on the plane. That being important factor, you can bring fruit on the plane but in many cases you must eat it before getting to customs if traveling over international borders.

A simple tip I found useful for traveling as a raw vegan is to bring Dried Fruit. Dried fruit is allowed while traveling over international borders because it apparently isn’t a threat to the agriculture. Dried fruit such as Apricots, dates, figs, raisins, bananas, mulberries all make great choices. You can also bring lettuce or Celery with no problem and simply eat the dried fruit with the greens, together they make a more well rounded meal and offer the minerals and water to balance the taste and dryness. Hydrating before eating dried fruit or even better rehydrating the dried fruit helps a ton, not to mention is better for dental hygiene. I recommend Brushing and flossing after eating dried fruit, even eating a stick of celery or a apple helps a ton.

This time in the airport I brought some Sapodilla and Mango’s to eat for my 1st and second Breakfast ahahha! Hey they were good and I knew I couldn’t bring them through security once I landed in Atlanta. I ate both fresh fruit meals on the plane. To prepare for my next meal I put about 1 cup of raisins and 5 dried apricots in my water bottle and asked the Stewardess to filly my bottle up with water. I then let it soak until I reached my destination. While you can’t go through security with water my dried fruit had already soaked for 2 hours and was rehydrated, I drank the water and left the rehydrated fruits in the bottle to eat later. Rehydrated fruits are fine to bring through security and over international borders, again a bit of celery and some rehydrated fruit can make a really simple and easy travel food, especially if weight room and durability or fragility is a concern.

I hope this helps a ton and you enjoyed the short video!! this post is way too long ahaha 🙂

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  1. Awesome tips, Chris. Two days of flying with 3 raw children and 2 raw parents calls for A LOT of dried fruits! We stocked up Thursday at the San Isidro Feria and bought for over $40 of them. Good idea about the celery and lettuce to combine with them. I love to soak them in our water bottles too and the girls love the “juice” it creates!

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