Professional Raw Vegan Dancer, Actor and Acrobat Desiree Manning

Excited to share this awesome interview with Desiree Manning, a professional raw vegan dancer, actor, and acrobatic. She has worked her entire life and career in the performing arts, and going Raw Vegan was a complete game changer for her.

After experiencing the benefits and seeing so many performers/actors struggle she is empowered to share her experience and knowledge as a raw vegan athlete and performer. Besides excelling in her arts, she wishes to grow by helping others learn how to thrive as a raw vegan throughout long days on set or rehearsal/show days.

Professional Raw Vegan Dancer

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Time Stamps:

00:00 – intro to video

00:26 – introducing Desiree Manning

01:17 – how did Desiree get into the raw food diet

02:50 – Transition and going vegan on a Disney cruise ship

03:50 – my experience as a raw vegan on a Disney Cruise Ship

05:25 – making it work on the cruise ship

07:15 – when Desiree became a professional dancer

07:43 – main benefits noticed when going raw

09:43 – any setbacks or challenges over the years as a raw foodist

12:03 – losing and then learning to regain muscle on a raw diet

14:32 – my experience losing and gaining muscle on a raw diet

15:45 – the mindset shift needed to gain muscle

16:50 – working with Dr. Graham for strength gains

17:50 – previous experience with weights before coaching with Dr. Graham

18:52 – Dr. Graham qualifying for UK Powerlifting Nationals

19:40 – main takeaways from working with Dr. Graham

22:25 – how to share the message and positively influence others

23:40 – Desiree’s favorite food for gains

24:40 – nutritional considerations for strength gains

26:00 – caloric needs for gains and high-level activity

27:55 – how much fat and experimenting with more or less fat

30:20 – protocol before a big powerlifting competition

33:00 – how Desiree trains and how often

35:45 – intellectual approach vs intuitive approach

38:55 – small dietary shifts over time

41:00 – the importance of flexibility and experimentation

43:55 – a journey of one

45:10 – average day in the life, activity, and food

50:05 – average week for activity

51:25 – higher and lower calorie days, or always lots

53:25 – what Desiree wishes she knew before going raw

56:05 – what Desiree’s brother Jason wishes he knew before going raw over 7 years ago

59:45 – final words and link info above

1:00:32 – warning about overdoing lemon and acid fruit

1:02:10 – the importance of learning from others as well as self-experience and shared experiences

I hope you enjoy the interview with Professional Raw Vegan Dancer, Actor, and Acrobat Desiree Manning and that it brings extra insight, confidence, and ease on your health journey as a raw or high raw vegan!

Thanks so much Desiree, excited to connect again and enjoy some Durian together!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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