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I hope you enjoy this quick video showing how to make a Simple Sweet And Savoury Soup Recipe!

This simple soup is insane delicious and really versatile, you can try to follow the basic amounts in the video, more mango in the sauce for a sweeter soup as I did, or more tomato for a more savoury soup??

My fave way to make this / a similar soup is to have a bowl full of cherry tomatoes and or chopped tomatoes, then blend any of, or a mix of mango, nectarine, peach, pineapple, etc into a sauce with tomato or bell pepper adding some flavor accents like lemon, lime, cilantro, ginger, etc if desired?

I added two tablespoons of my fave Barley Grass Juice Powder to make it extra savory and nutrient-dense,

Barley Grass Juice Powder the best Green Powder

you can learn more about it and grab a lb at the best price Here!

Pour the sauce / broth over the tomato chunks and devour, seriously amazing!?

Hope you really enjoy it!

As Always

Wishing You Much

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