In the winter months when fruit variety is a little low it can be extra rawesome to make this Super Easy Apple Sauce Recipe 🍎

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This is great for all types of apples, even bruised ones, I prefer sweet ones like gala, Fuji, honey crisp, golden devious, pink lady etc🥰

Super Easy Apple Sauce Recipe

Super Easy Apple Sauce Recipe

🍎Slice and core 3-6 apples and add them to your blender💥

🌴Pit n add .5 – 1 cup of soft sweet dates🙌🏼

🔥Add a little optional ginger n cinnamon🤩

Blend until smooth using the tamper or a few stalks of celery to get it started👌

Taste it and add more dates or cinnamon to desired taste, serve with a spoon n rejoice🥳

This base recipe is also amazing with soft raisins, mulberries, barley grass juice powder, Spirulina or even carob powder, skys the limit get creative and enjoy ❤️

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