What I Eat in A Day on Christmas

Enjoy this What I Eat in a Day on Christmas as a near 20-year raw vegan with my family video!

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I gotta say, I have been having the best time ever with my family and friends back home here in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. I know that eating as a raw foodist over the holidays can be challenging, one of the biggest secrets to success over the holidays is to make sure you splurge a bit and buy / make something extra special that you LOVE so that you do not feel like you’re missing out. I made sure to do that this Christmas and I can 100% say I was super stoked with the food and most of all company and connection!

That is the Second Biggest Secret… Focusing on the connection, love and time shared rather than food, especially if you can not / do not get or make something extra special for yourself. I really hope this What I Eat in A Day on Christmas video helps and you enjoy the recipes yourself too!

To some of the recipes referenced in the video!

Enjoy my Raw Vegan HoHoHo Nog Recipe Here


I got my raw broken wild rice from the “Wild Rice Guys” an epic local wild rice grower here in Saskatchewan! To eat it raw I bought their “broken” rice and simply soaked it for 48 hours, draining and changing the water twice. It’s super delicious and a fun addition to the raw diet I’ve had a handful of times over the years.

I served the wild rice with my Cocobutter Veggies 2.0 Recipe, it is my go-to curry and one of my all-time favorite dishes.  Chriss Creamy Curry Recipe Cocobutter Veggies 2.0 raw vegan curry recipe

For the Sprouted Lentil Dahl, I soaked Black Lentils overnight and then sprouted them on the counter for 24 hours, but you can for longer if desired. I then froze them along with some chopped onions and then thawed them both and mixed them together adding my cocobutter veggies sauce with extra chili powder and sundried tomatoes.

Check out this Ethiopian sprouted Lentil stew, it’s the most similar recipe I have to the Dahl in the video!ethiopian lentil wat stew recipe e1703830229722

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I hope you enjoy the What I Eat in a Day on Christmas video and that you had an amazing Christmas too 🙂

As Always

Wishing You Much

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