I have had many different types of Borscht in my life, many raw versions in the last 13+ years as a raw vegan, after many experiments I really feel I hit the nail on the head! I hope you Love it!!

PS if you have never had borsch or think the idea of a beet soup does not make your mouth water, Trust Me it will once you tried it and you will love this recipe!!

Borscht is a sweet and sour beetroot based soup popular in several Eastern European cuisines, including Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Belarusian, Lithuanian, Romanian and Ashkenazi Jewish cuisines. Often served hot but also served cold, more commonly red but also available as a white borsht, sometimes a thin broth while other times thick and stew like. It is really hard to say where exactly borsch originated and even the correct spelling as this is actually a matter of heated debate with some. The name Borscht is actually Russian, in Poland, it’s barszcz, while in Lithuania, they call it barščiai. From Sevastopol to Szczecin, they claim the dish as their own with many variations.

I grew up on what I was told was Ukrainian Borscht and as its the variety I have come to enjoy most this Borsch recipe is based off that version. I really hope you love it and the Bonus raw vegan Sour Creme Recipe, something I always Loved with my Borscht.

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While the recipe looks a bit intimidating it is really quite simple and takes almost no time at all, read on and enjoy authentic borscht that is both raw and vegan!

Borscht Recipe | The Best Raw Vegan Borscht

Chunky Ingredients (start here)

1/4 Red or White Cabbage (200 g / .44 lb)

 1 Carrot (75 g / .17 lb)

1/2 Onion (50 g / .11 lb)

Tomatoes (115 g / .25 lb)

* If you haven’t watched my video on my top 3 tips on How to Make Raw Vegetables taste / feel cooked then click here, or simply follow the instructions that follow for my favourite especially with these ingredients.

The day before you want to make the borsch prep the first 3 ingredients. Using a mandolin, food processor or a sharp knife cut the cabbage into fine strips, place in a freezer safe bowl or bag. Grate the carrot and add to the same bowl, finely cut or mandolin the onion and also place in the bowl. Mix all well and place in the freezer for 10+ hours.

The above is optional but really makes the dish, I fully recommend trying this freezing method before simply making it with fresh veggies.

The day that you are going to make and serve the borscht take a serving of the frozen sliced veggies out of the freezer and let thaw 6-8 hours. You can alternately thaw them under warm water / place them on a dehydrator tray at 115 for a hour or in a warm oven (turn it to its lowest setting, then turn off the oven and place the veggies inside to thaw). My preferred method is to let them thaw at room temperature.

Once the shredded ingredients are thawed dice the tomatoes and mix into the bowl. You are now ready to make the broth.

* As a specially note, you can do the above in larger batches and freeze on a baking sheet, scoring the mixed vegetables into approximate serving sizes before freezing so that you can separate them into individual freezer bags once fully frozen. This way you can have many batches of the vegetables ready to go in a pinch for the future. Frozen veggies will stay good for weeks to a few months.


Tomatoes (460 g / 1 lb)

1/2 lemon

1 Beet (115 g / .25 lb)

Handful of Fresh Dill or 1 – 2 tbsp dry


1 clove garlic

1 green onion

1 tsp black pepper

Loose chop the tomatoes and add to your Vitamix Blender (I highly recommend a vitamix for the best texture and taste,get your new or refurbished Vitamix with FREE shipping here at the best price). Juice the lemon and add 1/2 to the blender. Loose chop the beet and add to the blender as well. If desired add any of the optional ingredients as well. Blend till smooth and creamy, taste for tartness and add remaining lemon if desired. Add the dill and pulse to leave some texture, if using dry no need to pulse much. Pour the broth over the chopped and sliced veggies and your done… That is unless you want to make the Raw Vegan Sour Creme, which I recommend.

Raw Vegan Sour Creme

Zucchini (115 g / .25 lb)

up to 1/2 Lemon

 Hemp 1/8 cup

Peel the zucchini and chop into a medium dice, add to a clean blender. Juice 1/2 a lemon and add 1/2 of that to the blender. Add 1/8th cup hero hearts (or half if lower fat is desired) to the blender and blend at high speed till creamy. You may need the tamper or even need to add a tiny bit of water, or more zucchini depending on how fresh and juicy your zucchini is. Taste and add lemon to desired flavour. This is actually easier to make in a double portion but is fine depending on your blender or if you have the tamper and fresh zucchini. Play with it and get your desired consistency and flavour.

You Are All Done!!

Pour or spoon a dollop of Sour Creme on top of your Borscht and either mix together for a pink Borscht or eat each red spoonful with a bit of sour creme on the tip of your spoon. Absolutely delicious, low fat and filling!

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