Improving Athletic Performance With A Raw Vegan Diet | An Interview With Chris Kendall

Blessed and honored to share this recent interview on the topic of

Improving Athletic Performance with a Raw Vegan Diet

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Below is a partially cleaned transcript from some of the video, plus some helpful links and offerings that Matt is happy to share at the bottom 🙂

Chris: “Raw food athleticism and Improving Athletic Performance is a significant topic for me because realistically, that’s why I got into raw food. I would love to say I had a heartfelt vegan connection right from the beginning as my main motivation, but that actually came afterward, after I think raw food awakened my heart and shifted my perspective of the world. I initially got into raw foods because I wanted to skateboard better. To distill it simply, I wanted to be able to recover faster from injuries. As a competitive skateboarder, I’ve hurt myself a lot. I’m 41 now, and I’ve probably spent a good three years using crutches or a cane, separate from other non-skateboarding injuries, which have added another couple of years of being injured. I’ve been through a lot of injuries, and I’ve put the diet to the test.

For instance, the last motorcycle accident three years ago, which nearly killed my girlfriend and me in two separate ways. We’re lucky to be here. I went from waking up in a hospital unable to move due to extreme pain because my body was mutilated, according to the doctor’s report, to being able to walk months later and eventually skateboarding again. I went through rehab and learned structural balancing exercises. Comparing past experiences with myself and newer experiences with rehab specialists, I’ve found that I recover faster while on a long-term raw vegan diet. To sum it up, I recover approximately one-half to two-thirds faster than the average person in my age group.

My previous lifestyle, before eating junk food, was healthier, but I still heal faster now. I still pay attention to all facets of health and healing. I make sure to keep moving even when injured, get enough sleep, and eat nourishing foods. In short, I’m able to respond and recover from injuries a lot quicker on a raw vegan diet. I also emphasize holistic recovery practices, which include not only diet but also movement and mental well-being. These factors contribute to my speedy recovery.”

Matt: “Yes, I’ve been following your journey for quite a while, and I’ve witnessed some of the sports-related and non-sports-related injuries you’ve gone through. It’s been fascinating to see how you’ve handled them, which has been both amazing and admirable. I’m curious to know if you’ve noticed whether, since being on a raw vegan diet, you’ve been able to recover faster compared to your previous lifestyle. You mentioned that you healed well even when you were younger, but have you found that your recovery has improved even further on this diet?”

Chris: “Absolutely. When I was younger, around 16, I healed incredibly well. However, as I got into my late teens and early twenties, transitioning to a high-raw vegan diet, I noticed that I healed faster than before. I still recover faster now than I did on a whole foods-based diet. I would say I heal between one-half to two-thirds faster than the average person in my age group. This recovery rate has been consistent throughout my journey, even when dealing with multiple injuries, including broken bones, fractures, and ligament damage.”

Matt: “That’s impressive. It’s clear that your diet plays a significant role in your recovery process. Beyond recovery, have you noticed this dietary switch to help with Improving Athletic Performance, such as mental clarity, balance, or focus?”

Chris: “Yes, absolutely. Raw veganism has not only improved my recovery but also various aspects of my athletic performance. I’ve experienced better mental clarity and focus, which are essential in sports. Additionally, I’ve noticed improved balance, which has positively impacted my skateboarding skills. These improvements contribute to an overall enhancement of my athletic abilities and overall well-being.”

Matt: “Your experience is truly inspiring, and it highlights the profound impact of a raw vegan diet on athletic performance and overall health. It’s essential to debunk the misconception that fitness alone can compensate for poor dietary choices. Nourishing our bodies with high-quality foods is crucial for longevity and optimal athletic performance. Your journey serves as a powerful example of this principle.”

Be Sure to Watch the Entire video to get my top tips for Improving Athletic performance with Raw Food! Thanks again Matt for having me on!

Check out this fun Recipe Food Demo I did with Mat sharing his Macadill Ranch Dressing Recipe

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I had a blast talking with Matt and feel that we covered a lot of ground on the subject of nutrition and improving athletic performance, may you find all the blessings I have with this sweet and juicy lifestyle!

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