In Defence of Iceberg Lettuce

I have heard so many people say, why eat iceberg lettuce, it’s basically just water, or why eat iceberg lettuce there is barely any nutrition in it..
Is this True?

I dug into the facts on this and have come to be a raw food crusader In Defence of Iceberg Lettuce!

This video and post below goes even deeper into the facts about iceberg lettuce to reveal the truth of its nutrient density and defend iceberg lettuce’s value in a healthy lifestyle!
I recently got a chance to bust some myths about Iceberg Lettuce on the nationwide CBC Radio show “Day 6 with Brent Bambury” In Defence of Iceberg Lettuce on October 17th 2020 to combat a story Bloomberg did, You can check out that short Radio Show here 🙂
I will admit I simply love iceberg lettuce, it’s so tender, mild tasting, water rich and available year round at a really good price, this leads me to be in defence of Iceberg Lettuce!
When I hear people dismissing iceberg lettuce as not nutritious I cringe as I know this is not the truth. Really digging into it iceberg is a nutritional powerhouse that has more nutrients in it per calorie than many other whole foods that no one would say is lacking nutrition. The fact is that its bad wrap is due to the high water content, quality structured water I may add, and people measuring nutrients per gram, rather than per calorie. Calorie per calorie greens are the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, when people compare iceberg to other greens like kale or spinach they are comparing it to the most dense foods ever, and even then it still ranks well!
The video goes much deeper into all the reasons I feel a need to be in defence of iceberg lettuce and why it is a valuable addition to your healthy lifestyle.
Let’s look into some comparisons of iceberg against other common greens, take note of the % of nutrient targets hit with each green. These values are based on 100 calories from each green and all taken from Cronometer.com based on my nutritional needs.
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By looking at the above chart you will note that 100 calories of iceberg yields up 18% of my total nutrient needs and is about 711 grams or 1.5 lbs of greens. When compared to romaine, a very common and popular nutritious green it is only a few percentage points back, romaine at 24% at 586 grams or 1.3 lbs. One may look at any individual nutrient, such as vitamin A, super rich in Romaine, and declare it better, but, it’s important to ask how much do we need. In this serving of Iceberg we meet over 100% of our vitamin A needs, with the Romaine we may get 10 x more but it’s helpful to understand more isn’t better, we are looking for enough, goldilocks nutrition.
*In the video we go into more depth comparing Kale, and Spinach to Iceberg Lettuce.
Next let’s look a the comparison of 100 calories of Iceberg Lettuce to Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Zucchini, three foods I have never heard anyone question in terms of nutritional value or value in a healthy lifestyle.
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Looking at these comparisons you can see that iceberg lettuce ranks higher in terms of total nutritional density than all except Zucchini, which hit 21% of all of my targets.
*The video goes deeper into these comparisons and why I feel iceberg lettuce could use some defence and reverence.
I really hope this shifts your perspective on this amazing, easy to digest versatile green. It is through eating an abundance of the fruits, veggies, greens, nuts and seeds that nature provides that we get greater variety, nutrient variance, different prebiotic fibres and a robust microbiome. While it is important to seek the best quality foods, and indeed foods with a abundance of nutrition, it is just as important to focus on those you actually enjoy the most and are more prone to eat more often and in bigger quantities. I contend that Iceberg lettuce ranks high in that regard, higher than many other super nutritious foods that people eat mainly due to their nutrition, rather than enjoyment of them.
Once you are eating a raw or high raw diet, imho the best way to ensure you get enough nutrition is to focus on the whole fresh ripe raw fruits and veggies you LOVE the most and eat from them with ZERO restriction, right between as much as you want and as much as you can! Beyond this it’s important to seek variety, try new foods, grow your own, eat with the seasons as much as you can and try some wild edibles!
A few ways to include iceberg in your diet, enjoy it in salads, use them as wraps for your raw burgers, like this one here,
and as a base for a smoothie like my new favorite green smoothie that isn’t even green!
I just love green smoothies, they feel and taste so balanced and are a perfect one “pot” meal. Really it’s hard to come up with a recipe that is more nutritious, easy to digest and delicious than a green smoothie, plus they are quick and easy! Adding a green smoothie, or more than one green smoothie to your daily lifestyle could be the best decision you make. In one green smoothie you can get multiple servings of fruits and vegetables that go a long way towards your total nutritional needs!
Because this green smoothie isn’t green you may find it easier to get your kids and loved ones to try it out, it’s a perfect “gateway” green smoothie!
I really hope you love this green smoothie and enjoy adding more iceberg lettuce and green smoothies into your, and your loved ones lives!

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