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Third Time in 18 Years Raw Vegan

You may be surprised but this was just the third time in 18 years raw vegan that this happened and I felt it was important to share. “They,” say you win some, you lose some, I would contend that with the...

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Growing Fruit Tree’s Indoors!

Well well well, A bit of a Time Piece, Going from footage from last year to today to Document the Growing of some Fruit Trees Indoors!!! Hope you Love the Video 🙂 Growing fruit tree’s or plant of any kind can be a really...

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New years Rawvolutions :)

Oh we are on the brink of the New Year! Have you made any Resolutions for a New years Rawvolution? Keeping this short n Sweet hope you enjoy!! In this weeks post I talk a little bit about goal setting, resolutions and changing...

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Raw Lifestyle on The Cooking Channel!

This past summer my good friend Stacey Jackson invited me over to be a part of a segment she was blessed to be a part of with the Cooking Channel! It was in a series called “My life in Food, Extreme diets ” featuring...

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Cherimoya, The China Study and Jackfruit!

Happy day all, another wonderful week in Marina Del Rey! Lapping up the sunshine, amazing farmers markets, meeting and greeting new and old friends, skating and enjoying all. Much thanks. Got a nice little video for you this...

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Protein in fruit? N family fun :)

Todays video blog is # 5 I offer you a hodgepodge of fun 🙂 I hope you enjoy it much We start out with protein, one of the most common questions I am asked. Where does a raw foodist get protein from, especially a vegan? I find it...

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Inversion practices and tomfoolery :)

A little late I offer you this helping of munchkin tomfoolery, inversion secrets, n a tasty tidbit of a recipe 🙂 The kids stay is over and the quiet house finds me editing away on this little gem 🙂 Hope you enjoy Much!! Ive...

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New Years Resolutions?

Happy day everyone, the first day of 2010! Where does this bring you?  Have you made a resolution?  Have you stuck to it on day 1? Do you feel that resolutions are destined to fail or are simply a silly endeavour? Whats your...

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Succeeding socially with the Raw Lifestyle

Todays topic, succeeding socially raw, can be a doozy for the unprepared. Often within the first months to years of being raw or striving to be raw, people feel out of place eating out, at gatherings, parties, with family, or...

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Grow in Reasons :)

I hope you are enjoying the first bits of fall, I always find the change of colors, smells, and tastes exciting! California organic mango’s are in season, the only true raw mango I have found available in central Canada...

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How to Skip the Flu

I am excited to talk on another controversial subject, preventing, managing, and self healing from the flu. With so much hype these days about the coming and recent past flu pandemic, so much conflicting information/controversy...

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To Supplement or Not?

Hope your enjoying this late summer heat n the freshness we are receiving. I am dripping in the best b.c nectarines I’ve ever had, buying by the box from the farmers markets for between 50 cents and 1 dollar a pound 🙂 I...

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Get More Summer Freshness In :)

Here we are mid summer, amidst a bounty of nature’s gifts, I hope your enjoying them as much as I am. Fresh peaches, near the last of the cherries and berries, the best nectarines and tomatoes I’ve ever had, and only...

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Summers Bounty and Raising Ourselves Higher :)

Happy day everyone, n welcome to the beginning of the long weekend 🙂 August is a bountiful month for the majority of us, natures gifts are abundant in so many areas, we really  have lots of fresh variety to choose from. All of...

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The Greatest Present

Being in the moment, hmm.. oh no what am I going to do about dinner, oh I got to do this later, I hope I didn’t forget anything, oh what if I messed this up… hmmm sound familiar? I know I recognize that thinking, it...

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Grow in Gratitude

Happy Canada Day Everyone! 🙂 As today suggests, its a time of Celebration and being Thankful for what we have!!! We are so truly blessed to live where we do and have the opportunities we have. High quality of life, a safe...

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Grow in Motivation

Good Day all 🙂 It seems many of us have a hard time keeping motivation up, at least when it comes to improving our health. I know I really used to! All throughout my teens and early 20’s I would be really motivated, for a...

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