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My Top 3 Tips for the Perfect Banana Smoothie!

Excited to share my segment on my “Top 3 Tips for the Perfect Banana Smoothie!” from the Skateboard Canada Channel on Youtube! I hope you really enjoy the video and try out my top 3 tips for the perfect banana smoothie! If you haven’t heard of Skateboard Canada it is an epic source of Canadian…

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What I Eat in a Day as a 16.5 Year Raw Vegan | Curry Sushi Recipe

What I eat in a Day as a 16.5 Year Raw Vegan! Join me as I dive into 3 delicious raw food recipes, including 2 I have never made before. As an intellectual bonus, we uncover the nutritional breakdowns of each recipe as well as the whole day! I hope you enjoy it all! Time…

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Cocobutter Veggies 3.0 LIVE on Chef AJ’s YT Channel!

Really blessed to be Featured on Chef AJ LIVE this past weekend where I made my updated Cocobutter Veggies 3.0 recipe, also known as Chris’s Creamy Curry which is truthfully my all time favourite raw vegan curry recipe! For a slightly simpler version check out Cocobutter Veggies 2.0 here 🙂 Chef AJ has been devoted to…