What I Eat in A Day, Low Fat Raw Vegan of 12 Years

What I eat in a day, wow I can not believe this is the first official What I eat in a Day video I have [...]

Cinnamon Buns, The Best Raw Cinnamon Bun Recipe Ever!

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Sciatica / Lower Back Pain Cure, McGill Big Three Level 2

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Candida Albicans, Yeast Infections? How to Cure yourself!

Candida Albicans, Yeast Infections? How to Cure yourself! Delving into the topic of Candida with details into my personal experience and testimony (that are only [...]

The Best Deluxe Raw Pizza Recipe Ever!

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Banana Commander, Raw on the Road in Prague!

I had such a Blast skating, hanging out and enjoying the sites and sounds in Prague, I even learnt that I am half Czech! In [...]

Raw vegan Icecream Float!

I use to love love love Icecream Floats, Specifically A&W Rootbeer Floats.. When I went raw vegan I thought I had to say goodbye! Well, [...]

“Mr Fruitastic” Live Parody Remix of Mr Boombastic by Shaggy

It's here - the long awaited, much anticipated full length video of the world premiere performance of "Mr. Fruitastic"!! You might have caught a snippet [...]

Emotional Eating, Binge Eating and Finding Peace and Ease

Really excited to share this huge huge topic today, one that everyone has had troubles with, everyone has experienced, Drumroll....  Emotional Eating, Binge Eating And Finding [...]

Best of Chris Kendall Skateboarding 2, RAW Footage :)

I feel so grateful that from a young age I really felt compelled to live share and grow through my passions, Skateboarding being Chief of [...]