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Final days at the Berrics!

Final days at least in 2010! A visa n time will tell when I am back with Steve n the Berrics bredren! enjoy! oh my where to start! Well back to the grocer, hitting Heath and Ledjunes for some sweet organic groceries. I notice in...

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Armageddon at The Berrics!

Holly hanna is this a intense one! You will see why if you make it right to the end 🙂 Enjoy! Within this Video I bring you behind the scenes for a Segment on Raw foodists on Cooking Channel. Its was a rare treat to get a chance...

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Justin Bieber in the House!

Well really I must say I started this video with doubts but now that it’s all finished its one of my favorites! Do hope you enjoy!!! Wow this is a wild one! No I didn’t put Justing Bieber in my title, did I?  Oh my!...

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Back to the Berrics, Again!!!

Better late than never, again!!!! hmm I smell a theme here:) aha Been really exciting times, lots going on, stay tuned!! I just got my new t-shirts in!!! You can peep them here! Hope you enjoy the vid! This weeks vid starts out...

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Getting Serious at the Berrics!

Long overdue I bring you another video from The Berrics and my live in consultation with Steve Berra!! oh my, I will catch up!! Enjoy it much! Here we have a grand few days at the Berrics offices were it gets really serious, we...

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R Rated at the Berrics

Another great week with my live in with Steve Berra! # 24 is chalk full of silliness, R rated antics, free simple Raw Recipes, my skating action from employee appreciation week plus a bonus, Tim’s birthday and much more!!...

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Back at the Berrics!

Here we have the first week back at the Berrics! Chalk full of skating, great eats n a sweet cob salad recipe for you all!! Hope you enjoy it tons! This is another really long video, please let me know if its way to long for you...

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Live in with Steve Berra Week 4!!

Time is a flying! Thanks for patience with these posts, been a busy bee the last while and just finished this sweet blog! So much goodness in this one, many a peek into my upcoming transitional ebook, much skate action and the...

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The Berrics is in!!

I feel most blessed to say the Berrics interview has been posted on the Berrics site, You can check it out on its mother site here! or watch it here I really hope you enjoy it...

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The Berrics, moving days and White Sapote!

This weeks video blog is jam packed with behind the scenes footage of a recent interview I did for huge skateboarding website (The Berrics) talking about my experiences with the raw diet, more of Jack’s cuteness, a great...

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